Friday, January 1, 2010

What if...

The last time we took Molly to the vet they told us that she was five to ten pounds overweight.  Their instructions were to feed her a quarter less food every day. Apparently we were overfeeding our dog.  I mean, we overfeed ourselves so it would stand to reason that we do the same to our pet whether we realized it or not. So when we came home I promptly began decreasing her food.  Low and behold she dropped what I'm assuming is five pounds or so in what seemed like a week.

Can you imagine?  What if?  What if there was just some magical being somewhere that automatically reduced your food intake because you were a little overweight and then the "problem" was solved in a matter of days?  I found myself envying my dog.  I mean, don't get me wrong.  She walks around this house like she might eat a paper clip if it fell on the floor.  I dropped a very small piece of lettuce today and she devoured it like it was the biggest doggie biscuit made at Petsmart.  While I envy the fact that her weight loss is so manageable and matter of fact, I do not envy the longing desire to eat that has now taken over her mind.

At the end of the day would I take her weight loss program over mine?  Well, since mine is non-existent and hers has a 100% success rate, HELL YES I WOULD.

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  1. When my oldest son grabbed a sandwich out of my hands one day, when I was feeling very under the weather (he was in college) and said, "Carbs aren't good for you, Mom. I'm just trying to help." I got really mad! I was too sick to let him know. My husband had to make me another sandwich when he came home from work.

    There's a difference in having a cook in charge of presenting you with low cal fixin's and someone just making that decision for you without consulting.

    It's certainly made me think about which of my son's I want to have making health-care decisions when I'm 102 - it definitely will not be the son who won't let me eat what I want - LOL


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