Thursday, September 10, 2009

Catching up

Ok, so here goes my attempt to catch you up on our lives since they are so exciting:

1) I almost had a heart attack last week because I thought I was going to have to move schools. I got an email and didn't read the whole thing before I had a mini-meltdown. Instead of laying off teachers they are just overcrowding classrooms and shifting teachers around instead of hiring new ones. This means many changes, none of which have affected me directly....yet. Crisis averted for now.

2) We went to our first football party with Lila. Thank goodness it was at Vince and Patty's house so we could go lay in their bed when Lila needed a break. It was much fun. Lila is incredibly blessed to be surrounded by people who find her to be as entertaining as we do.

3) The runaway caterpillar "must have escaped" (is what I told the class - did they believe me? doubt it). We named the three remaining...they are Sporty, Speckles, and Rosa per a class nomination of names and voting. Last year's were funnier, but these are pretty cute/random.

4) Lila has officially discovered Molly - for real this time. Woody still hasn't made his debut in a video yet. Pardon my extreme aversion to Molly licking Lila. It grosses me out if you can't tell. Lila has also developed a gift for swimming at a young age. Ok, not really. But the bath video shows potential right?

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