Thursday, April 2, 2009

Back with the living

I am a total slacker. I apologize. In my defense, I have been coughing up a lung the past week and a half. BUT, spring break is upon me and I am determined to recover and blog like crazy. Are you ready for it?

So what's been going on with the Burrows? I'm sure you are dieing to know. As I said, it is spring break. In a normal situation that would mean a lot of laying around, but I have been spending my time in my learning cottage just as much as I would if it weren't spring break. I put off planning for my maternity leave until now so I spent all day today and yesterday doing just that...planning. In some regards, this is absolutely fine with me. I can't really go anywhere so I might as well be useful right? On the other hand, laying around and shopping for what we don't have in the baby department sounds much more appealing. Regardless, there's still time. Seth has now entered the busy time of year for him, so needless to say what's been going on with him.
Work, work, and more work. BUT, lots of work right now is like music to most people's ears, including ours.

In the land of baby, everything is going great! The back pain is gone due to the amazing world of prenatal massage. Seriously, pregnant or not, I have found the best masseuse in Atlanta if you ever need one. The problem is, the back pain was immediately replaced by this nasty cold and cough. Ninja baby hates the cough, but I'm pretty sure mommy hates it more. Now is when I start going to the doctor once a week which really makes it feel like we are super close. The baby's room is painted so now all we need is furniture! It's all coming together though.

Our dogs have unfortunately spent an inordinate amount of time at the vet this week. Molly has a lump on her chest called a histiosarcoma. Apparently this lump is benign and harmless, $200 later. Woody was neutered today and you can imagine how thrilled he has been about his current situation since he got home. He and Molly are not allowed to be around each other because he is supposed to be calm for seven days. When day six gets here I will let you know if we all survived the separation. Molly is outside alone or Woody is crated and both are pissed off about it to no end. Seriously, I can picture them years from now being like an old married couple that can't survive without each other.

So that is the latest and greatest from us! Again, you will hear a lot more from me this week I promise.

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