Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Did he just call me fat?

I'm sorry I have been a slacker again. Sometimes I feel like I have a million things to write about and other times I don't. Please keep reading anyway!

So I went to the doctor today, and I want to start by saying I love the OBGYN practice that I go to. I haven't met all of the doctors, but I especially love my doctor. That alone makes it worth it to me. My doctor is pregnant as well and due not that long after me. So, I am kind of going into this with the assumption that she won't be delivering my baby which is totally fine. I'm not one of those "I have to have this" and "I have to have that" and "everything has to be perfect" kind of moms to be (shockingly).

Today I met another doctor that could or could not deliver my baby, and I want to start by saying he was incredibly nice. I also want to say that I actually admired his up front nature due to the fact that he is talking to highly emotional, already feeling bigger than a house, pregnant women on a daily basis. He came in all business and ran through information he had to tell me first and then asked for my questions/concerns. His very first question to me was, "are you a big carb person?". I immediately thought, "oh God someone has found me out". My reply was, "I wasn't until I got pregnant". He then began to laugh.

That is the truth folks. I LOVED vegetables. I won't say I was the perfect eater by any stretch, but my tastes have changed dramatically. Before getting knocked up I ate a lot of vegetables and salads. I didn't care much for fruit and tried to watch my carb intake probably more so in regards to weight than anything else. However, I didn't want them all the time either. After getting pregnant my diet has consisted of more carbs than I think I realized and tons of fruit. I NEVER want vegetables or salad and meat is kind of a take or it leave it thing. So, after I replied to the doctor he told me that I had gained 4 pounds in two weeks. Honestly, I hadn't noticed. He quickly said I need to up my vegetables and proteins and cut way back on the carbs and then he moved on to something else.

When it got to be my turn to ask questions or make comments my first statement was about the back pain I have been having. He then replied that quick weight gain (along with the sheer fact that I am pregnant) can cause back pain because the body is adapting to the new weight. He said a whole bunch of other stuff too, but overall the message I got today was if you would just eat better you would feel better. It's not rocket science. I am aware.

I just kind of found myself wishing someone else had been in the room because it really did border on being called a fatty. I am positive he did not mean to make me feel that way, but it was almost comical to me how nonchalantly the conversation occurred. I kind of found myself wondering how he handles women who have gained/weigh double or even triple what I have/weigh...

At any rate, I promptly drove myself to Kroger and bought some veggies. I'm not worried about it, but I do see the point he made. I am oddly humored by the whole appointment.

By the way, he claims that baby Burrow is now head down too. He even tried to show me how I could feel for myself. Only time will tell...


  1. I think you look great Jana...don't listen to that silly doctor! :)

  2. You are a gorgeous pregnant woman. I don't care how much weight you've gained! We're going to have a healthy Pickle, and that's all that matters. Worry about your weight after the fact. Male doctors have no CLUE what they're talking about. They've never had to deal with ANY issues that come with being pregnant. Easy for THEM to tell us to eat veggies and "get used to" the back pain. You're doing great, Jana. Don't let anyone (even a PhD) tell you otherwise! I love you.


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