Thursday, March 5, 2009

Customer service is dead

*Disclaimer* What I am about to vent about is going to make me sound like a lazy snob who is your typical psycho pregnant lady. I don't care. I am the customer.

Yes, I am venting. This will be a quick one though (I always think that and eight paragraphs later I feel like a moron). At any rate, I went to the gas station and had a bit of an altercation with the guy behind the counter. I pulled up to the pump, got out, slid my card, and began to pump. Nothing happened. I honestly never in my life have done this, but I decided to push the "help me" button or whatever it's called. Nothing happened. Backing up a little bit, I rarely go to a gas station that is not QT. You could say I am a gas station snob. This is because all other gas stations seem to have problems every time I go in point.

So I march (waddle) myself into the station, credit card in hand. I ask the guy if the pump is not working and he very rudely says it won't take a credit card. I then hand him my card and ask if I can just prepay. He says (again, in a tone that makes me want to hop across all of the worthless CRAP he is selling on the counter and strangle him) that I can just move my car to another pump. Now, if you are in this situation what is your first thought? Mine was that this guy is too lazy and preoccupied with God knows what to just run my card right then and there. I again say, "I'm already in here. Can't you just run my card in here?" He says that I have to know how much I am paying so I tell him $30 and hand him the card. He laughs (strangling images have turned into all out burning down the place at this point) and then says he needs my ID. Of course, in my haste I just came in with the card and he can tell that by now. SO, it's clear that he is just being an ASS to a fat pregnant lady. I look at him and say "seriously?" and storm out of the store. I mean I'm sure there are unidentifiable, crazy, gas stealing, fake identity pregnant ladies out there, but I am also 99% sure I do not appear to be one of them.

In my rage many thoughts go through my head:
1) Get in the car and passionately drive directly across the street to the other CRAPPY gas station.
2) Go back in and give him a detailed rant about customer service and marketing in an economy like this (in other words, if you want people to buy your gas don't be a total prick).
3) Go to another pump, pretend it doesn't work either, and go in and demand free gas.
4) Be a normal human being, go to a different pump, get the gas, and leave.

You may be shocked, but I chose the high road (option 4). HOWEVER, if you live in Tucker or you are ever in Tucker to visit me and you need gas, please forgo the Texaco on Lavista Rd. next to Scholtzky's. Just asking you to do that makes me feel a tiny bit better about the whole thing, hence the necessity of venting.

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