Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dog baths and baby showers

I got home on Friday to find our electrician at our house. No surprise there. I knew he was coming on Friday to change out our beyond ancient breaker box. The house was pitch black and it was raining, so I let the dogs out and while the electrician was working I may have fallen asleep on the couch....dogs still outside. I think I only nodded off for ten minutes or so, but I looked out the window to see two very wet, very muddy dogs. I left them out there thinking I would let them in when the electrician left and give them a bath. This may seem like cruel and unusual punishment, but my dogs are not the brightest berries on the bush. Molly BEGS to go outside when the weather is bad. So, I may or may not have fallen asleep again on the couch. I awoke to the electrician asking me a question from the kitchen. I very quickly sat up and realized I had been asleep for longer than planned...or not planned really but you know what I mean. So as it turns out, I was in the dark sleeping with wet, nasty dogs outside for close to two hours (sleeping off and on mind you...not the whole time). The lights came on, the electrician left, and I prepped myself for the task at hand.

Since I have become more large and in charge, Seth has been the one bathing the dogs. I just felt really bad that they had been outside in the rain so I decided I could do it. I know Molly is harder because she's large and hates getting in the tub, so I decided to get her out of the way first. We got a removable shower head a few months ago to make it easier to bathe the dogs so I was feeling pretty good about the whole thing. Woody got shut in the laundry room and Molly and I headed to the bathroom. While it wasn't as hard as I expected, it took freaking forever. Molly was shockingly cooperative. If you can imagine, it's just slightly exhausting to be in a tub/shower with a lab for 20 minutes....pregnant. Molly absolutely refuses to shake off in the tub so I also knew cleaning the entire bathroom was in my future. So out we go both of us soaking wet along with the walls, door frames, sink, and toilet. Molly also hates being dried off. She thinks it's a big old game instead of a necessity so she charges back and forth at the towel like a bull. I'm sure that sounds funny but after two or three charges and very little drying I AM OVER IT. But, I'm already too far in to end this process now.

Next comes Woody who is a five minute cake walk when it comes to baths, but I am feeling REALLY tired now (yes I know I just took a nap). Since my clothes are mostly wet anyway, I decide to sit on the back of the tub while I bathe Woody. He promptly walks up to me and rests his sopping wet head on my belly looking at me like he's at the spa. He seems genuinely disappointed when I turn off the water and hoist him out of the tub.

This is about the time that Seth calls. I explain the situation to him and he tells me to leave the bathroom a mess and he will clean it when he gets home. Thank God for small miracles.

Little did I know we would have a blizzard today and everything you just read would occur all over again. I have to say at least I got the pleasure of watching my dogs go to town in the snow. The video may seem boring, but it really made my weekend!

Lastly, I can't leave out the baby shower/cookout we had on Saturday. Seth's friends have been trying to get together for a cookout about once a month and this month they decided it would be a baby shower for us. I only took one picture, but I know other pictures were taken so when I get those I will post them. At any rate, the one picture I took has a story behind it that is in no way meant to offend anyone. You have to know that Seth's sense of humor relies on two things...making people uncomfortable and pushing the limits. A couple of weeks ago we went to dinner at Adam and Michelle's house and told them this story: At our last doctor's appointment we were seeing a midwife we had not met and Seth tried to convince me to ask her if we could come up with a contingency plan in case the baby came out black. AGAIN, not meant to be offensive in any way and no I did not let him ask her that. Adam and Michelle thought it was pretty funny though and they were in charge of the cake for the shower....


  1. Dogs in snow = FUN! And that cake is HILARIOUS! Please explain the strange banging sound in the background of the video :)

  2. Hilarious. I think Seth and John would get along well...same totally inappropriate, but definitely funny sense of humor!

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