Thursday, October 9, 2008


Alright so I think I'm getting sick again. Hopefully not in the same capacity as last time, but I am sitting here contemplating a nose dive into the peppermint oil again. I am also wearing a breathe right strip which is hysterically unattractive. I really don't feel that bad. I just can't breathe, I want to sneeze constantly, and my eyes are all watery. YAY. Anyway, I don't have anything exciting to talk about really. Just life without a husband all week and plus a dog.

Speaking of the dog, he and I have had a few fights this week. He won the first one. He shimmied his way out the back door when I let Molly out and of course I naively thought he couldn't get off the porch (due to the fact that the porch is not done, there are no stairs to get down, and it is very high). Molly has mastered getting on and off the porch. So Molly goes back inside and instead of following her lead, he takes hold of the flying squirrel within and goes for a leap off the edge. This is a ballsy dog I tell you. Of course, he lands perfectly and goes scurrying to the depths of our backyard. Knowing that he could never get back onto the porch and that there is a spot where he could feasibly get out of the backyard altogether, I proceeded to try and "catch" him as I progressively get pissed off and eaten alive by our mosquito infested yard. Once I cornered him and caught him he spent some time in time out in his crate. Why do I think he won? Because he is maybe 7 or 8 pounds and I am, well I'm a lot more than that. But somehow he got me to run around after him in my own yard.

The second fight is still a toss up as we are still having it. He has taken a liking to the pieces of bamboo or whatever it is that holds together our papazon chair. He is so sneaky and he pretends like he is hiding from Molly while he chews on them.

So far, Woody 1, Jana 0 (but I will win the next one).


  1. He's so small...I can see how he's sneaky! Plus, he's super cute so he's got that going for him! Hope you win one soon and that you start feeling better! ;)

  2. Jana, I LOVE your ability to be in a fight with things that have no way of knowing you're in a fight (i.e. dogs...8-year-olds...)! : ) It cracks me up!


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