Sunday, October 5, 2008

New addition

Yes. We have taken on another dog. A couple of months ago Seth's dad was trying to find a home for his dog. Seth's mom took him even though she already had three dogs at home. As a family we may as well be running a lab hotel between Lee, Levi, Seth and I. This new little dog is not a lab. He is a very little mixture of we don't know what. So needless to say, he wasn't always having a great time with the three big dogs at Lee's house. Molly was in desperate need of a friend so we are now the proud owners of Woody. He comes to us house trained and he and Molly get along really well. Below is the best picture I could snap of the two of them because 98% of the time they are rolling around on the floor wrestling with each other. Of course, this picture still shows Woody's feisty personality.

A few facts about Woody:

-Seth gives everything under the sun a nickname so his current alias is "Nutty". I think at some point he should be called "Scrappy".

-The dog may be mistaken for a flying squirrel. He tends to come running at me as I am sitting on the couch. He takes a flying leap onto my lap on the couch. He also takes flying leaps off the couch onto Molly. Seriously, he should be in doggy Olympics.

-He has no idea that he is little. I would say that he has little man complex but I really don't think he has any idea.


  1. Awww I think Woody is super cute! I can't wait to come meet him.

  2. Woody looks so cute! Congrats on the new addition! :)


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