Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Had enough

*Disclaimer - I never talk about politics and I probably never will again. I'm just ranting so if you don't like it, just stay tuned for the next post about GA/FL come Monday or so.*

Never in my life have I been a politically savvy person. Nor have I ever wanted to be. That may sound incredibly ignorant, but let me paint a picture of why. I am pretty sure at heart I'm a pretty cynical person (in case you didn't know). I have never seen a candidate that made me as psycho babble crazy as many Obama supporters or as insanely defensive as most McCain supporters. I mean seriously, liberals are treating Obama like he's Brad Pitt and conservatives are treating McCain like he will end paying taxes altogether. I'm sure they are super nice guys. I'm sure they are very smart. But let's be really honest with ourselves for a minute...they want to be president. In my mind, if you want to be president, and you have come as far as they have, you are willing to portray an image of yourself that after you are elected will most likely not be entirely true.

As a voter you do the research and you find out what you can about the candidates even though I fully believe most people go into an election year already knowing which way they are going to vote. I haven't talked to one person who 100% sounded like they gave both candidates a fighting chance and then decided which one blew the most smoke up their behind so they could vote for him. I would love to find one objective source that can factually lay it all out there for me, but I just don't think such a thing exists. Not to mention, it's a little late now I suppose.

Don't get me wrong. I know who I'm voting for. I have chosen, in my mind, the lesser of two evils completely knowing that I will never know enough about the candidates to feel good about my choice.

So what do I want? What am I getting at here? I want the whole freaking thing to be OVER. I am so sick of Hannity and Limbaugh. I am so sick of panels of 18 people on one television screen rudely talking over each other to get out the last word they possibly can about how under qualified Sarah Palin is or how Obama is going to change the world. SHUT UP is what I want to say. MOVE ON. No one on the radio or the TV sounds educated. I am similarly as sick of reality TV shows, but I will seek out fake reality TV for as long as it takes just to avoid hearing the rantings of the so called "in the know" media.

Is it at all possible that the BS will die down come the end of the election? NO. Because this is a history making election no matter which way it goes. What should be noted as history making is how much time, money, and energy the media and both candidates have put into this election...the money alone could have given Fannie and Freddie a fighting chance....but nooooo....we need to see the face of the possible next leader of the free world plastered all over creation. That's a much better way to utilize funds.

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  1. You go Jana!!!! I wish I could go to St. Simmon's this weekend. Have a blast!


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