Sunday, November 9, 2008

Football massacre, eyelashes, fingerprints, and

I am SO sorry I am such a slacker....I vow to be better...our internet has become more than frustrating so I do have a good reason.

Anyway, here is an update on what has been going on with us!

GA/FL weekend proved to be yet another good time minus the whole reason we go...the game. I even got sick (like runny nose, cough, can't sleep but can't take Nyquil kind of sick) on the way to St. Simmons. The beach and the good times made me better, the game made me depressed. We (Asa, Kim, Seth, and myself) had front row seats to the overwhelmingly frustrating loss. Overall, I am so glad we went...prego and all.

We came back to another eye surgery for the newest member of our family....Woody. The poor dog has eyelashes that grow into his eyes instead of out. So they lasered them off for a second time and he has that crusty, gooey, raccoon eye kind of look. He would literally be awful looking if his random breed and random physical affliction didn't make him so darn cute.

As for an update on the future Burrow, it is still nameless but it has fingerprints! I learned last week how fingerprints are made....the baby swims around in the amniotic fluid and ridges are created on the fingertips. VERY cool! So the baby can be booked but they won't know what to call it :-) I did find neutral bedding step down, lots more to go.

My next plea for help is a somewhat ridiculous concern....we are going to West Palm to visit my dad for Thanksgiving and we are going to a very cool yet very formal charity ball. I am not technically "showing" yet, but I am having to regularly unbutton my pants when it isn't noticeable. So in another three weeks who knows. I need a very loose fitting long evening gown. If you know where these may exist (I already tried Dillards and Macy's at Perimeter) please holla back (or comment if you aren't trying to be hip like me).

I PROMISE the next post will be much sooner than two weeks from now.


  1. Oh I am so glad you are back! I check the Burrow Blog before I even check facebook so you know how high up you are on my list! Anyway good luck finding a dress. I have no ideas! I promise I will call you back soon. My research has been leaving me very frustrated and overwhelmed and you don't need to deal with my bitching! I miss you and hope you have a great week!

  2. Hey Jana try motherhood maternity check out his site

    It is motherhood, pea in the pod and mimi maternity all on one site.

  3. try Legends. ( it's my go-to for formal dresses.


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