Sunday, September 7, 2008

The truth about tailgating...

The truth is, tailgating is rather fun. As is true with anything that is fun, there are things that still end up being infuriating at some point. God love him, but when you are married to Seth fun things come with a certain level of mishaps that are truly out of his control...most of the time.

Let me back up. I am going to give you the really short version of an example. I mentioned that we kayaked down the Broad river over Labor day. There were 9 of us and it was a great day. However, in the process of this day Seth's oar mysteriously disappears. This oar, which was at least as tall as Seth, went missing after a rapid and never resurfaced (in water that is at best 4 feet high). In our frustrated discussion about the oar a man on the bank tells us he has another one. He lives on the river and finds oars all the time so he gives us one. As we near the end of the river the new oar suddenly snaps in half as Seth is trying to push off of a rock. Do you follow my drift? These types of situations follow Seth, and inadvertently me, around constantly.
SO, we are tailgating yesterday and as usual, some of us head toward a bar to watch the game in the AC. If you have ever been in Athens on game day it is glaringly apparent that the policing of alcohol consumption is non-existent on campus. People are seriously hammered everywhere you turn. There seems to be an imaginary line around campus where if you are inside the line you can be underage, have an open container, and be publicly intoxicated all in one breath if you like. I am not saying this should be changed...I'm just painting a picture. So we walk over this imaginary line somewhere between north campus and downtown Athens toting all of our crap. We are not hammered. Yes some have been drinking, but there is nothing illegal or inappropriate about us. Seth is pulling our cooler behind him and carrying an empty beer can in hopes of finding a garbage can as there were none when we crossed the line. One of those police officers who is so wonderfully protecting and serving the good people of Athens stops Seth and asks him for his ID. Seth says the can is empty and he is looking for a trash can (I can corraberate this) and the cop tells Seth he does not care that the can is empty, he points to trash can, and then he promptly gives Seth an open container ticket. Another cop walks up and proceeds to take the same approach with another person. So they are like vultures waiting on the downtown side of the imaginary line for anyone who can pay their salary and get a ticket....meaningful or not. Are they looking for underage drinkers? No. Are they looking for drunk drivers? NO. Are they paying attention when drunk parents tote their sweltering hot two-year-olds into a bar that is 21 and over? NOOOOOO. (Yes, I did see this happen). No, they are ticketing a guy like Seth who is trying not to litter like the rest of the freaking population of tailgaters. Way to go Athens-Clarke county just made us feel SO much better about our safety. Not to mention, every cop I saw after this point was equally as useless. You know, holding up a light pole, NOT directing traffic, etc. etc. I realize it's stupid to complain about these types of situations because of course we will pay the ticket and move on. It just makes me feel better to spread the word and get it off my chest ;-)

Anyway, I was lazy and didn't take many pictures again - but here you have Seth's now turning green fingernail along with some other goofy pics...


  1. I'm so sorry about Seth's ticket. But I have to tell you that you two are the epitomy of adoreable together! I can't tell you how happy I am to have you for a daughter and Seth for a son-in-law. Thank you for letting me live my life vicariously through the two of you! This blog is the best thing that you could ever do. Thank you for sharing so much. One day you'll understand that the more ways for you (as a mom) to communicate with your child, the better and better it is! Love you both!!!

  2. Jana! you need to call me when you are down in Athens! I completely feel your pain about the uselessness of the athens-clarke county police. MY parking pass is for lot N08, right across from the Journalism/psychology complex and Reed Hall, prime parking on game day. Let's keep in mind that I have a legitimate pass, and the game day pass I have prominately displayed in my window. I get back to my lot at midnight, and there aren't any parkig spots in my lot (they had one whole half blocked off) so i parked on the curb where it wasn't a real spot. I go back Saturday after the game and my car is gone! They towed it! and it was pretty much tough luck when I talked to parking services. Dumb. Anyway, sorry to leave you such a long comment, I just had to tell you that I feel your pain!
    Love, Lilly


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