Friday, September 5, 2008


Maybe that's what we should name a daughter we have someday. Maybe that way she will have a fighting chance of not becoming like her mother. I woke up at the magical time of 4:50 am yet again today to find myself walking directly into our bedroom armoire. I don't usually open my eyes until I have brushed my teeth. I am probably one of the grumpiest morning people around (except for maybe Kim - love you honey but we are both afflicted with severe bitchiness in the AM). So it was astonishing to me that upon running into the armoire full force (body, face, and all) that I burst out laughing. And truly it has made me giggle repeatedly all day long. I am laughing right now as I type because it just struck me that way (HA!). Of course groggy old Seth hadn't awoken to become his insanely chipper AM self yet, so he suddenly asks me what's so funny as my laughter in the dark is forcing him to take notice. I can't even stop laughing to tell him that my excuse for not going to the gym today could be that I was attacked by a piece of furniture. Man I hope this comes across as funny as it felt.

So we go to the gym. We have decided against the trainer for now because they cost more than we are willing to dish out. On the first machine I pull one of those awkward muscles next to my shoulder blade in my back. You know the one where it hurts to breathe and you wish someone would just make it pop or snap or go back to whichever way it is supposed to be so you can get on with life. Don't say it....dramatic I know. But truly the workout sucked from then on.

As if I don't already feel like a raging walking catastrophe, I wore heels to school today. Why after the armoire and the pulled muscle would I choose to wear shoes I haven't worn since last year and heels no less? I never wear heels. Ever since that so called marathon I ran my feet have denied anything that even looks higher than a flip flop. I mean my feet swell if I am in the car for an hour. So I make it most of the day without taking the shoes off even though I know there are blisters. I pack up what needs to be taken home in a crate and "worked on" over the weekend and I depart my learning cottage. As I take the step from the sidewalk to the parking lot the left foot falters ever so slightly to the left. Problem? It might not have been if the overflowing crate had been on my right hip. But the laws of gravity took hold and down I went. The crate and the contents of my purse are now scattered beside my car and I let out a very loud curse word. This wouldn't have been a problem if I wasn't in an elementary school parking lot. I do the quick look around to see if I've been spotted, I frantically gather my crap, and I get in my car in the hopes that no one saw or heard.

All in all, I am fine (I know you were worried). There may be some ego bruising and a lot of swelling around the afflicted ankle but I'll make it (assuming tomorrow I can avoid an actual major injury).

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