Sunday, August 10, 2008


**SIDE NOTE** Along the left side of this blog is a list of other blogs I read. The one called "Post Secret" is like a train wreck for can be intensely awkward, funny even though maybe it shouldn't be, and relieving to know some of my hateful thoughts aren't that bad at all. You should check it out. I am going to start quoting some that I like, but you really need to see the postcards to get the full effect!

"If I'm staring at you on the train it's because I think you're beautiful."

ANYWAY, Seth and I have (for the 52nd time) decided that we are fat and we need to lose weight. When we met, and coincidentally the day we got married, I was probably twenty pounds thinner. In between I have become a pro at the gaining and losing roller coaster called dieting. South Beach, Weight Watchers, calorie counting - you name it, I probably tried it. I even did the "Eat Right for Your Blood Type" nonsense in college. Seth on the other hand, I think has gained weight due to how blissfully happy he has been being married to me. Regardless, we have discussed on countless occasions how we plan to lose weight. We have schemed about exercise and eating and the ever present should we run another marathon? Seth maybe - Jana HELL NO (ok maybe someday I will do a half - but nothing more).

So, Seth was watching Dr. Oz on Oprah the other day (yes I said Seth was watching Oprah) and Dr. Oz apparently confirmed what Seth already knew which is that weight training is the way to go when trying to lose weight (along with a healthy diet of course). We discussed joining a gym even though we have two large pieces of workout equipment in our house. The idea is that we will start going to bed at 10pm and then get up at 5 am and go to the gym together. If you know either of us well, you know that morning is the least promising time of day for us in any arena - let alone exercising. Tomorrow we head to LA Fitness to sign our lives away to the workout gods in hopes that they see us at least three days a week at 5am.

Your job, if you choose to accept it, is merely to read this blog and comment when you can asking if we are going to the gym! I am trying (thank you Jonathan Flowers) to figure out how to get a counter at the bottom of the blog to show how many people are reading. The idea is that if we tell the world (or our 3 or 4 readers rather) about our elaborate plan to lose weight, we may feel guilty if we don't stick to it. I realize this plan is not really elaborate. I am also very aware that the chances are slim of us feeling guilty enough because of our blog to become the hot people we feel we are inside. But, lofty goals and being delusional are my MO right?


  1. 1) Hi - I am reading your blog...I love it! So keep it up!

    2) You can totally stick to this working out! Its great that you guys are going together...having a work out buddy (in my opinion)makes it much easier to stay motivated to go! Good luck!

  2. Keep posting- I check it every day...and you are not FAT! I'm glad you are joining LA Fitness though...that's where I go and I love it! It is easier when you have a partner to motivate you to get out of bed!

  3. you are definitely NOT fat! and i am so happy that you are going to do the early thing! you know i teach at 6 am 2-3 days a week and i HATE it... but then there are moments like right now at 4:10 when i am tired and just want to go home and veg and guess what... i CAN because the workout has already been done! your body will adjust and you will start to enjoy it and see reults. it is a great fresh start to the day! also i will need you as a guinea pig since i am also learning out to teach step... i am horrible now but by the time i get good and can teach a real class you will have a great butt! love yall!


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