Friday, August 8, 2008


WE HAVE AIR... all we have to do is burn our sheets, get used to our dog being on crack again instead of lethargic, and APPRECIATE, APPRECIATE, APPRECIATE this luxury we call air conditioning. Don't take it for granted people.

**Side Note - if you are reading our blog, please comment...even if you just say "hi Jana and Seth" it would be appreciated only because we are becoming afraid that we are talking (rather, typing) to ourselves.


  1. Hi Jana and Seth.

    Does blogger give you any kind of analytics to let you see if people are visiting or where they're coming from? If not, look into Stat Counter or the Google Analytics, they're both free and will let you see how many people are reading and where they're at.

  2. I read it!! And you should just get used to talking to yourself, it prepares you for having kids :)

  3. Actually i don't think Skip really reads it but it won't let me make a comment b/c i don't have a gmail account. That could be why people haven't left comments.



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