Monday, August 11, 2008

First Day

School is in. I am optimistic, hopeful, and tired. I have recently joined a very cool website where you can go in and write. The people who run this website do six word memoirs. It's really very cool. Anyway, I got sucked in and I am even going to order the book written by the Smith MAG people called "Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six Word Memoirs By Writers Famous and Obscure". These people really have convinced me that you can sum up any part of your life in six words. The three I have submitted so far are:

1) Have baby. Plant Tree. Experience Growth. (In "Your Green Life")
**NO I'M NOT PREGNANT - just thought it sounded cool.**
2) I am myself because of him. (In "Six Word Memoirs on Love and Heartbreak)
3) Wanted: Live-in sushi artist for life. (In "A Life in Bites)

And the latest you have seen above....they don't have a category for teachers yet, but when they do I will be the first to submit....
4) I am optimistic, hopeful, and tired. (In what I would title "The first day of school for teachers")

I have a feeling that more not so sweet 6 word memoirs are to come, but we will stick with the rare optimism I am feeling today!

I have what seems to be a much milder crew this year. I have more students than last year which is testing me in my "learning cottage". BUT, then I drive by Tucker High School that is being rebuilt and they have God knows how many teenagers in trailers behind the school so I can't really complain. What's more exciting to me than having a new crop of kids, is having a clue. Last year was really hard for me for various reasons, but by far the biggest downfall of first year teaching for me was how down I became on myself. Secondly, I am by self definition a very OCD perfectionist who should probably be on medication...I just can't stomach going into a shrink and saying "well doc, my biggest problem is that I reorganize daily". Seriously? If color coding, filing, and literally moving CRAP around is my downfall I don't need a shrink. I need a personal assistant. Anyone need a job? I can't pay you but I sure can teach you how to piss off your husband. Seth LOVES my knack for "organizing" his stuff. Sorry honey - as they say, you know what you married.

Anyway, if today truly was a glimmer of what's to come this year, I'm down if they are...I mean I already organized their school supplies for them today so what more could they want right?


  1. Hey! I love the 6 word stories. I think Whitman started it. My students at Dartmouth used them for a prject :-).

  2. As a school assignment one of the schools I went to last year had the teachers all do their own 6 word memoirs and posted them on a bulletin board in the school. I didn't have to do one, but if I had to do one now I'd say "Just getting to the good part" (baby, motherhood, etc.).


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