Sunday, July 20, 2008

New to blogging...

We may not have the most exciting lives, but in this age of information we can't possibly let ourselves fall through the cracks and not share our lives with others in yet another way. I have been inspired by other's blogs and you could simply say I have to keep up with Joneses right? For those who don't see us all the time, who don't talk to us constantly via email or facebook, or just for those people who might want to know a little more, we hope you find this at the very least entertaining and informational.

Seth is on the fast track to becoming a millionaire one swimming pool at a time. He is very good at what he does which leads to the possibility of surgically attaching the crackberry to his ear. We will keep you posted on that. At any rate, Sweetwater/Aquatic Solutions is moving up in the world every day. Aside from the daily grind Seth may also make millions one day playing golf. In our world, nothing is a lofty goal as you will quickly learn if you continue to read this blog.

Jana is on the fast track to becoming teacher of the year....well, maybe like the year 2020...but who's counting? Yes this marks the two week countdown to the start of a second year of teaching. While it has proven to be the most challenging career choice (and the most marriage testing) she is hopeful and excited about the year to come. I mean who can really complain after completing two months of paid vacation? Jana is also attempting to become a tennis pro so that someday she and Seth can open their own professional tennis/golf club...we promise to give discounts to friends and family when that day comes.

Together we are a hot mess of house repairs, working too much, and trying to stay sane while at home with our almost one year old ADHD yellow lab, Molly. At this very moment we have cement in the ground to build a deck (which has been there since the spring - still no deck) and a room at the front of our house with one wall painted red that Jana did such a poor job painting Seth will now have to re-renovate it.

So this is the beginning of our new venture into blogging. Please check back with us in the near future!


  1. I love that you are blogging now! Even though I know you well it was still fun to read and will definitely check back in from time to time. Perhaps I should blog as well??!!

  2. I love your blog! it is so entertaining! Keep it up!

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