Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Six Word Memoirs

What better way to sum up your life, your day, or even your year than spelling it out in six words? This is my growing list...

Yes baby, I'm ready for you. (4/26/11)
She melts my heart every day. (10/5/10)
Two days begins full time mommy. (5/18/10)
So sick of being sick today. (3/2/10)
Dream big, but also be proactive.  (1/5/10)
Lower your expectations for pleasant surprises.  (1/5/10)
Ask on Facebook.  Answers will come.  (12/28/09)
Never forget that you are blessed.  (6/25/09)
Pregnancy for me equals constant sleepiness. (10/11/08)
Pick something meaningful.  Stick to it.  (8/14/08)
Have baby. Plant tree. Experience growth.  (8/11/08)

I am myself because of him.  (8/11/08)
Wanted: Live-in sushi artist for life.  (8/11/08)
I am optimistic, hopeful, and tired.  (8/11/08)
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