Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My Favorite Things

This is my tribute to the greatness that is Oprah. Unfortunately, you will not spontaneously receive any of these items just for reading. That is unless Sophisticated Redneck Mommy blog blows up one day and companies start sending me crap and I start having giveaways. Don't hold your breath. For now, my personal opinions about things I own will have to do. In no particular order....

Silpat - "The original silicone non-stick baking mat". I bake on it. I roast vegetables on it. I basically use it like I used to wastefully use aluminum foil. Brilliant

Ergo baby carrier - This is an older model (purchased from craigslist)....the newer ones look fantastic, but I'm broke you know? Why do I love it? I tried the Bjorn. My big baby outgrew it very quickly and my back was killing me after ten minutes of wearing it. The ergo has multiple supports and allows you to carry the baby/toddler for much longer. Some people dig baby wearing for years. I just dig that I have the option and it is very comfortable.

Bumgenious All In One cloth diaper - this thing is magic. And they are pretty cute too. Cloth diapering, however, is a world of information in and of itself. If you want my take shoot me an email.

The Magic Bullet - This is one of those "as seen on TV" things that is TOTALLY worth getting sucked into buying. Before I was blessed with the Beaba babycook I made all of my baby food in this. It's quick, easy to clean, compact, and efficient. Why can't everything be that way?

Vegetable chopper - Apparently this is an "as seen on TV" item too and I just realized it. I know it's the lazy man's way. I never claimed to not be lazy. I have a toddler that shoves herself between me and the kitchen cabinets/counter while I am trying to cook. Things that make cooking faster are a must.

Trofast (Ikea) - This is a horrible picture and does not do this stuff justice. The playroom is still under construction, but it is getting there. Just know that I feel pretty strongly that if I had enough money every room in our house would have this set up in it in some way.

Flip Video Camera - This camera is the busy mom's tool for documenting the life of her child. It's as small as a cell phone, very easy to operate, and takes decent videos of hard to catch moments!

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