Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I have finally decided to face dog training head on with my vivacious (I am being oh so nice here) yellow lab, Molly. It comes from a culmination of events, the latest being that Seth and I went out of town and left her with our wonderful friend Kim. Kim so politely let me know in more or less words that Molly is a total pain in the ass (believe me Kim, you did not upset me - you only brought validity to what I was already in denial about). It's not that I didn't want a well trained dog. I'm sure there are many mothers of terror children who don't sit around thinking "I love this life" yet it continues to be their life just the same. I think that a person can become accustomed to a relationship where, for lack of a better word, power is involved. If the power is not established the one needing the power over them ends up running the show. The "leader" is then at a loss that they may sometimes embrace (this is called laziness). I had accepted that this was just "Molly being Molly" (I/We have become lazy and need to train our dog).

So, today I finally cracked the book that Seth's mom gave me and spent some one on one with Molly. I just spent an entire year teaching a boatload of kids that didn't listen to me either. So I am wondering if I can accomplish this with her if it might translate into the rest of my life. I have always felt sure that I would be a fairly spectacular mother at some point, but you could basically say I went to school for that. I have a degree in Child Development. I have nannied many times. I'm confident in that area. However, this dog and my students have somehow alluded me. Now I say this with great ease not having had children yet. So I'm sure I am patting myself on the back WAY before I even have the right to do so. My excuse for the teacher thing is that I was very green and wanted to be every one's friend. If you know me, you know how that went. My excuse for the dog thing is that while I had a dog growing up, I had very little to do with how he was raised (and let's just say you can 't teach an old dog new tricks or he would be coming to Jana's dog training 101 as well). I now suddenly have this fear that my children are going to end up with the same attitude about life that my dog has. She loves me. I know she loves me. She needs me. However, she 100% walks all over me. So if I can break the cycle now my dog just might teach me how to be a better mother/teacher.

I haven't really spoken much about Seth in relation to Molly because Seth doesn't get as frustrated with Molly as I do. It could also be due to the fact that when I get home from work she could care less. When he gets home from work it's like doggie Santa just showed up. I have let Seth know about my plan to turn her into a well trained dog and I am pretty sure he was very skeptical. I am determined to show him that I can do it!

In our efforts to begin today she was very excited and often fabulous, but I'm still pretty sure she should be on doggie Ritalin if such a thing exists. There are parts of her that will always just be who she is...the rest will have to be consistently, lovingly, and painstakingly forced to cooperate. It may seem a lofty goal (yes those are a theme in our lives) to further this process two weeks before school starts....is it naive to say one will automatically cure the other? Probably. Whatever, I'm down for the challenge :-)


  1. You can do it, Jana! ALWAYS, always, always having the same expectations is the key!

  2. You should check out the obedience classes at the Atlanta Humane Society. Great teacher and nominal cost.


    Good luck!

  3. You continually mention your "lofty" goals. Those aren't lofty, I know you have it in you professional athletes and all. On another note...way to go with blogging. I love catching up, or so it seems. In fact, I wish I had the patience to keep everyone in the loop with Trent and I. It really is great to know you two are doing well. Hope to talk to, hear from or see you soon. Miss you bunches.


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