Wednesday, July 23, 2008

If Hell had an address.... would be my current residence. I was home a good portion of the day today (you know, training my dog :-) and for someone who sweats about 10% as much as the rest of the world I was breaking a sweat. I will be the first to say that I could be in better shape, but I don't really run around or anything when I am teaching her to stay "down" for an extended period of time. I thought maybe I was getting sick and I had a fever or maybe God finally decided that the sweating issue needed to end. Then I got that panicked feeling like I knew the answer but couldn't admit it to myself. I walked to the thermostat and read that it was set at 71 yet it was reading the temperature as 78. Confirmation number one. I then walked around the house and realized that every room was hot (follow me here...I needed to be sure). Confirmation number two. I then walked around AGAIN and felt every vent only to find that it's like stepping into a lukewarm shower when you really wanted a steaming hot one....lukewarm air conditioning when it's a pushing 100 degrees outside is worse I promise. Confirmation number three (I believe for something to really be true it has to have a lot of backup). I then convinced myself it was just a hot day and the unit was only struggling and I went to my tennis lesson (yes being dilusional is one of my biggest character flaws). I called Seth and let him know that the inevitable may be happening. When we bought this house we bought it knowing the HVAC would kick the bucket sooner rather than later. But seriously? It's July 23rd for God's sake. So Seth and I got home at the same time and it's official. The upsides? I am no longer concerned about the deck or the red wall. I am going camping/caving this weekend and (two upsides in one!) I will be a leg up on the crew going with me because sleeping in a tent in July will suddenly feel like home, and being in a 60 degree cave will be Heaven. Heaven and Hell in one week - that's a record right?

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