Wednesday, July 23, 2008

...view from the OTHER side...

Alright. So it appears that my wife has decided to share the details of our lives with the entire world. Thats cool. I feel that since this is OUR blog, I have a familial duty to share in the blogging, to ensure that you are exposed to the ENTIRE story.

So here is my introduction.


Now to catch everyone up to the OTHER side of the Burrow Blog, or the BB. I'm Seth. I work on swimming pools. I talk on the phone, a lot. It comes with the territory. The wife wants millions, so the surgical attachment of the phone might be a necessity. But seriously, being a millionaire is not the ultimate goal, however I wouldnt mind a comfortable retirement around age 45. If you want to try and help me/us to this goal, feel free to send cash or checks to.....

You have previously met my wife, Jana. As most of you heard, last year was Jana's first year as a teacher, molding the young minds of the future leaders of America. Hopefully for my sanity and hers, year number two will be a little easier for all involved. I hate to say this, but karma is a bitch. Many years ago, I attended the elementary school that currently employs my wife. I hate to say it, but I have a feeling that her/our misery last year was payback for the multitude of trouble that my friends and I caused in those hallowed halls. I pray year two is better.

Not much else has changed since our last post. It is hotter than the darkest depths of hell. Walking into our house this evening was kinda like being wrapped in an enourmous tongue. It sounds disgusting, but seriously, close your eyes and imagine being engulfed in a big wet tongue. Hot humid stagnant air. Jana put it best, "if hell had an address...." Day 1/2 of no air conditioner has been miserable. Days 1 - Day the A/C is fixed will probably be unbearable. Say a prayer.

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