Thursday, November 5, 2015

I gotta get freeeeeee

Last night Seth and I attended the first of three concerts for us this holiday season, and it was glorious.

For me, live music is equal to travel. I can't seem to go without it for long, and when I do experience it I feel like a new person.

We pride ourselves a little on finding someone we love before they get big. Ticket prices are cheap and venues are small and intimate. And, the bonus happens when the opening act is almost as good as the person you came to see. This was the case last night.  We experienced a true one man band in Bernhoft. This video gives a small taste of what this guy can do.

Then, Allen Stone and his entourage made us feel like we were at a party at their house. He even came out into the crowd while singing and started hugging people. He spoke about living in the live music moment far from You Tube and Facebook. It was and incredibly refreshing really good time.

Music goes back a long way for me. I grew up with some serious musical talent in my life. My dad would come home from work and sit down at the piano or pick up a guitar and play for however long it took to release the stress of the day. I had no idea at the time how lucky I was. He never looked at a single note. Every time he played it was based on what he heard when listening to music. Playing by ear is a gift that I didn't inherit, but I do understand how sitting down at an instrument can transform you. Even if that instrument is your own voice. These days I find myself craving that live music in my home or at a show more than ever.

Lila rolls her eyes at me when I belt something out in the car, but then she's the one asking for her favorite song on repeat. Evie wakes up singing, plays while singing, sings when she's sad, sings when she's happy, sings to soothe her brother, and sings at the piano. Currently, she is the live music in my home. One of the most exciting parts about being a parent is that I get to introduce them to the greats, help teach them how to play the piano, and pass on this passion.

So who are you listening to? Do share!


  1. Music is the universal language, no doubt! Sing and never stop Play and never stop. Your dad had such a gift, one that most of us only dream of having. Belt it in the car with no limitations! We are all singers or players in our own way. Accept the gift and pass it on. Love of music is love of life. Your children have it and feel it in fabulous ways. Foster it however you can!!

    1. Lord Huron is in heavy rotation at our house right now!


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