Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Oh look! Don't blink. You might miss this fleeting Holla Hump Day. There may or may not ever be another one again. I have a hard time committing these days.

Speaking of committing...

This is another blog post about how being a parent is hard. I'm sure you've heard/felt it all before. Follow me though. There are Pinterest moms and tiger moms and stressed out moms who drink spiked smoothies at 4pm. There are working moms and stay at home moms and moms who are moms AND dads at the same time (or dads who are dads and moms).  There are people who fit into some or many of the above like a glove. 

What I know about them all is that the moments here and there where they feel they rocked some parenting moment seem to shine so bright it's blinding. Do you know why? Because the moments that aren't so shiny are pretty damn bright sometimes too.

For instance...

This year I killed it on the birthday party scene. I sort of flip flop between wanting to do it all for a party and wanting to do nothing. This year I decided to go all in. It seemed maybe mommy guilt was the driving force, and then one day I realized I just think it's fun. I can own that. It's stressful at times, but fun. Especially when you have two little girls who are really sure of what they want. After getting sucked into the Pinterest vortex I came out the other side with huge gleaming smiles all around. With the help of my fabulous friend Meghan of Stir and Scribble I was able to make two special parties happen in one weekend. It was glorious and shiny and all of those things.

Six year old book themed party

Four year old Frozen themed party

On the flip side, we fast forward to today...the morning the tooth fairy forgot to show up.

See what I mean about the the not so shiny moments being bright too? I know you do because I could almost hear you gasping as you read that lonely sentence up there.

Lila lost her first tooth a few weeks ago. I'm unsure now of where I was. Probably on Pinterest planning parties. Seth saved the day in his amazing dad way. He put four dollars under the pillow. So maybe he set the bar a little high. And maybe he didn't put a note or an envelope or really any sort of cutesy thing with it. Just a whopping four dollars. Because only moms overthink things like the tooth fairy. I actually pinned multiple tooth fairy pillows I was going to make just for her so that every tiny tooth lost would have a place to live in the night while waiting for the elusive fairy and her gobs of money. Clearly, this never happened.

I felt some remorse about my lack of tooth fairy skills, but told myself that you can't win 'em all and went on about my day.

As I was out doing my super glamorous second job last night Lila bit into one of Seth's homemade ice cream sandwiches and tooth number two was out. He texted me, we chatted when I got home about how much to leave, and then I woke to Lila at 6 am wondering why the fairy forgot about her. I couldn't exactly say, "because the tooth fairy is TIRED".

What I can say here is that the tooth fairy is ABSURB. Am I right? A fairy takes teeth and replaces them with money. Ridiculous.

Here is where things get dicey. I tell Lila that maybe she just woke up too early and the fairy hadn't gotten to her yet and now didn't want to scare her. There is zero chance of Lila going back to sleep at this point, but I have never seen her want to get back in the bed faster in her entire life. I smack Seth on the arm and ask him what the hell we are supposed to do now. In a sleep deprived haze we chat, sort of hash out a plan, and then sit there thinking our plan is stupid.

Lila comes back in the room and I convince her to get in the bed with us and just talk to me (play with my phone). I am at a total loss. Seth decides to run with our plan and gets up and disappears.

Lila is a smart kid. I'm pretty sure somewhere inside that head covered in cotton candy blonde hair she knows that all of this is complete and utter bullshit. I tried the Elf on the Shelf when she was three and she called me out saying it was just me moving the thing. The difference is, I think she will totally just play along if presents/money/candy are involved. I can't be sure, so until I can we must become better tooth fairies.

Here is what Lila found this morning on the kitchen table with two dollars:

Maybe she fell for it. Maybe she didn't. She had two dollars in the her hand so I'm not sure it matters. And don't judge the tooth fairy for "her" disguised handwriting. It was 6 am. 

Holla hump day to the birthday party life savers, the dads turned tooth fairies, and the moms who want to do it all but are really tired. 

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