Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Big Girl

My Lila is five. While I have no idea what to do with that, she seems content in her oldness. She wears it well. She doesn't flaunt it, but you can tell she feels just a little bit more grown up. It's a crazy thing to see all of the ways your child becomes a little person. Their likes and dislikes…their dreams and loves…you take it all in and try to remember every last detail. I love birthdays, but there's something really special about your first child's big day. It's a celebration of them and of you entering parenthood all at once. Lila's actual birthday was a tough one. Life got in the way with Evie not feeling well and a host of other random things. And yet, she acted like nothing could change how great it was that this was her day. That sums Lila up. Her spirit and joy never wavers. Here are a few things about her at the age of five...

She's quick to make a joke like her dad. Her sense of humor is intoxicating (like her dad as well).

She's smart in a way that scares me sometimes. I'm afraid that by around the third grade she will be smarter than me. It's a good thing she has the sort of head in the clouds side of her too at times (like her mom).

Speaking of smart, she's reading. Reading as in she went from knowing how to sound out words to reading all of the things. She seems to breeze through the books we have.  I have been pinning chapter books for Kindergartners in an effort to step up the game this summer because she loves it so much.

In addition to being smart, she's got quite the creative spirit. She loves art supplies of any kind, coloring, and doing projects of all sorts. I have also been pinning whatever art projects that are new and exciting for the summer in case we have a rainy one again this year.

She's even more cuddly and snuggly at the age of five than she ever has been before. She still loves to sit in your lap, hug, and cozy up on the couch. This is a big bonus for the parents who aren't quite mentally comfortable with their oldest being five already.

She's headstrong in every sense of the word. I hate to say stubborn because that word has such a negative connotation. I would rather she be headstrong and determined than the alternative any day.

She loves soccer, swimming, rock climbing and anything where she can be physically active!

She's never met a stranger. I mean this quite literally. We go to a playground and she assumes every kid there is her friend. Some kids are confused when she walks up and just starts talking to them. But before you know it she has them swinging with her and running around like they've been pals all along. This is my absolute favorite thing about her, and I pray every day that she never loses it.


  1. She is such a lovely lady already! Cannot believe she's 5!

  2. I can't believe she is 5!!!! You are raising such a funny, talented, smart, hilarious and loving little girl! Happy birthday LaLa!

  3. Lila will always be our first baby girl, no matter her age. Her spirit soars, and her love never wavers. She is the perfect combination of you and Seth ... and yes, I'm allowed to be partial! I love her to pieces!


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