Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Quickie

Here's where my head is at:

I have started three different blog posts and gotten about three sentences in on each one.

First, the very deep and gut wrenching topic of the evolution of families due to just reading Patricia Polacco's When Lightning Comes in a Jar to my four year old. I cried like a baby at the end. This is not a sad book. It seems that the baby sickness left, and in it's place remains a voracious appetite and hormonal hysteria.

SIDE NOTE - Patricia Polacco is everything I love about children's books in one author. Brilliance.

Second, this right on target article about taking things down a notch. She's talking about the Holidays. I'm talking about it all in general. I did it. I overkilled the crap out of some birthday parties. And then it overkilled me and I took a quick leave of absence from the overdoing.

Third, parents on Twitter. I only recently started even looking at Twitter and when I do I get irritated. BUT, for this purpose alone I may just start tweeting regularly. I put this on the ISL Facebook page, but it bears repeating because I think I wrote it in my sleep under someone else's name:

"My kid just filled her pockets with yogurt, so I assume it's safe for me to go spend her college fund on blow."

Be on the lookout for more tweets from me starting with, "My kid just…". I mean, if you do the whole Twitter thing and all.

I think I've chosen to go write about the first one. I may as well grab the hormonal hysteria and run with it right? So basically this post is a quickie to let you know I'm still here waiting for warm weather, crying over children's books, and laughing about myself as a parent now and before I took it down a notch.

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