Thursday, September 26, 2013

How Do You Feel About Cooking?

Help me cook 40K more meals in September

The lovely folks over at Cook Smarts are trying to start a movement. I'm all about movements. Especially ones where smart people are trying to get other people to be smarter. AND, even more especially so if it's in regards to food.

Meghan over at Stir and Scribble wrote a post about this movement and I decided to jump on the bandwagon. I'm here to tell you that you should too! I realize I jump on a lot of bandwagons and follow a lot of movements. I'm good with that because nine times out of ten I get new information, guidance, and support that I use for a very long time.

Cook Smarts gave me a set of questions to choose from in regards to cooking and this is the one I chose:

Do you often feel like you have no idea what you're doing in the kitchen?

I would scream the word YES if I could scream through the computer into the homes of millions (or just the forty some odd people that read this blog).

I can make a mean Poppyseed Chicken. But then, Lila probably could too. That's like saying I can  cook Kraft Macaroni and cheese better than anyone you know. It's not hard.

Beyond that I have given up on myself as a cook in the realm of dinner. There. I said it.

So now we eat lots of pizza. And I have Facebook statuses that look like this:

"About to listen to "In Defense of Food" while eating Chick-Fil-A. Sometimes these things just happen."

My angst over dinner is gone, but my belly seems to be getting bigger. And NO I'M NOT PREGNANT.

Sadly, we got sick of A Dinner A'fare. As much as I would love for the organic, amazing meal making fairy to show up at my house around 5 pm every day she just isn't materializing.

Then, I read Meghan's post and decided this brilliant movement to get more healthy meals cooked at home and encourage less eating out was worth pledging to be a part of! Cook Smarts founder Jess Dang sends you emails outlining meal planning, ingredient care, and building your own cooking foundation. This is all free and no one paid me to write this.  I just really love the current movement that encourages eating real food with fresh, real ingredients. I just signed up and I've already printed a recipe that I can't wait to try. The best part? I have all of the ingredients already. How often does that happen?

In case you haven't clicked on the right link yet, here's where you too can pledge to cook more meals at home AND receive all of this .


  1. Thanks Jana for helping us spread the word. I hope you enjoy the materials and that they help you break out of your rut!

  2. Done and done! Thanks Jana - LOVE this idea!


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