Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Holla Hump Day

This week's shout outs go to...

...FALL. She has arrived here in the ATL! Since summer and all it's rain was a bust I have every intention of basking in the throwing of the leaves, the pumpkin decorating, and the sweaters with boots. own recent ability to let things go. Do you ever have one of those weeks where you realize you are behaving in a way that isn't typical for at all? Maybe it's the therapy. Maybe it took deleting four years worth of photos and videos on my computer. Don't have a heart attack. I put them somewhere else. Maybe it's the realization that if I continue to care so much about crumbs on the floor, toys on the floor, clothes on the floor, and children in a puddle on the floor I may just hit the floor myself! Whatever it is I am embracing it and all it's freeing powers. The big stuff still lingers up there in that cloud, but can I get an AMEN for baby steps?

...Pinterest. That's right. I am thanking Pinterest. It has haters, but this decorating/cooking challenged lady feels that Pinterest is a vital tool when used correctly. It doesn't make me feel overwhelmed by all the pretty things I will never do. It makes me feel empowered to at least do something to this house...

...on that note I would like to thank HGTV for supposedly not choosing us for one of their shows (they never told us that, but I've heard that's the case). It seems they wanted couples who fight a lot about home improvement. We don't. It's cool. Had we been chosen I would have posted the below picture. It's our collective surprised faces. We aren't surprised they didn't pick us, but this picture is so awesome I had to include it anyway.

Happy hump day lovelies!

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