Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I interrupt our regularly scheduled hump day hollas to recap my day.

Morning went per our usual. The coffee was flowing and everyone was pretty chill. Seth headed to work and the girls decided it was makeover mommy day. This happens once a month or so, and I try to really let them do what they want. Lila takes her time on my hair while Evie could care less. Then I bring out the makeup and voila!

Can you tell there is no color to any of my makeup? Apparently I like the drab and dull look. All these years I kept thinking I was trying to look natural. But, when someone covers your face in what you usually use for eye shadow you begin to ponder your choices. I mean, can you tell how thick that layer is on my forehead? I was wondering why Lila kept putting more and more on in the same spot. Apparently she just couldn't see it! Speaking of choices, I made the conscious decision to put this picture on this blog. I'm going with the sentiment that we are all lovely at all times of the day.

Anyway, I tried not to sit too long like this for fear of my face becoming one enormous zit. As I stood to get in the shower my phone rang, and in big letters it said LIVSEY.

I used to teach at Livsey Elementary school. It's half a mile from our house. I answered to hear the familiar and friendly voice of the wonderful woman who works in the office. At this point I'm clueless as to why she is calling me. She cheerfully exclaims, "someone backed out of Pre-K and Lila's name was drawn! Do you guys want the spot???". I'm sorry what?

She frantically tells me that she has to know now. I ask her if I can call Seth and promise to call her back pronto.

Long story short, Lila starts Pre-K TOMORROW. Back in April Lila's name was not drawn in the lottery for this class. We were all set for her to start on September 4th at the church preschool she's been going to for the past two years.

Honestly, I'm proud of myself at the end of this day. For the emotional roller coaster of a wreck I've become I'd say I did a swell job! That and my type A personality kept it's cool. I sat there in my makeup and thought about how to talk to Lila about this without making it seem as overwhelming as it was feeling for me. Seth and I took her up to the school, met the teacher, and walked around. She was pumped. Nervous, but pumped.

I ran to Target after Seth got home from work to somehow get what was needed and make this not feel so rushed. Sadly, Target was an explosion of leftover school supplies that no one wants. It's a good thing all I needed was a lunchbox and a thermos. I wanted to get Lila a new first day of school outfit and came across a shirt with the print above that says "Draw Lovely Things" and started to Target...with a cart full of over priced snacks and food receptacles.

So many things are racing through my brain today. Of course, the majority of this is normal. The not so normal part is that most people have all summer to sort of mull it over. Here is what I'm now digesting...

1) My one and only first child is going to school tomorrow. Like at a real school where she will be gone a lot of the day and learning from someone other than me.

2) My girls won't spend most of every day completely attached to each other like they have been all summer. I have a feeling I'm going to hear a lot of "where's Lila?" tomorrow.

3) I will be spending more one on one time with Evie than I ever have before. This part is thrilling...although I am nervous that Evie will find me to be a distant second to Lila in the realm of playmate.

4) We missed the first day of school. The real first day of school was Monday. I always loved the first day of school rush as a kid and as a teacher. I know there are many more to come though!

5) My sweet blondie has no idea what's going on. Or at least that's how it feels. I tried to explain it as a school that you go to when you get a little bigger. She just keeps asking if she can play there.

Tonight I am excited for her and sad for myself...but only a little. I am hopeful for what's to come for my girl and her bright little self. My heart hurts for Evie because she just can't understand why she can't go too. At the same time, I can't wait to see what it's like to spend so much time with just her. Most of all I'm thankful for change, new experiences, and the chance to see my kids grow no matter how fast it's happening.

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  1. SO EXCITING! I might cry. I don't want my baby to grow up either.


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