Monday, July 1, 2013


The business of parenting is suck the life out of you hard. There are spans of time during every day where the most simplistic thoughts that run through my head become overpowering needs, wants, dreams, and hopes for my children. Something as small as asking Lila to be more kind to a friend becomes a massive and in depth life lesson in my brain. What's the best way to explain this to her? How do I show her that her friends will one day be her family? Of course, this kind of self talk can make a mama crazy. I really try to choose my battles. But because they spend the bulk of their day with me, it all falls on me. Or at least that's how it feels. It's amazing and exhausting and powerful.

Then I will see a video like the one above and want to scream about it...I mean in a good way. Seriously, I imagine winning the lottery a lot. That sort of screaming where maybe if you are exuberant enough others will feel how much you really mean it because it's just that necessary for them to know.

It's just that necessary for my girls to know every last word to this song and sing it to themselves as often as possible. I know I can lead by example...God how I know. But I also know that examples are messy. I want to show brave but I've also learned what it means to show powerless and scared. And/both?

SIDE NOTE: I tried to find the Momastery post referencing "and/both". I can't find it. Or maybe she just said it a lot at the book signing. Regardless, it's everywhere in my mind these days.

Now there's this nagging need I have to somewhere, someday start dancing in a public place. I won't make the girls do it with me because they need to see bravery and then feel it for themselves if they so choose. I realize there are other ways to show bravery. But this one pushes me out of my own comfort zone too. Let's be honest...that kind of example of bravery screams a lot louder.

Happy Monday lovelies.


  1. That song gave me chills Jana! Love it!

  2. So scream it, do it, step out of your comfort zone! I'll go there with you any day and dance! This video is fantastic! The message is even more fantastic. We should all heed the call. Be brave!


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