Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Holla Hump Day

Well hey! Sorry for the lag in blogging. Summer is simply taking over my life. For example, today we went to the children's museum, Chick-Fil-A (and it's playground), AND to the pool. My house is disgusting. I haven't seen Seth in days. This is my life.


...I met Glennon.

It really happened.

Here's the thing. I have never in my entire life been the girl that needed to meet famous people. I have met some, and every time I just felt like shouting, "look! this person is not the coolest thing that ever happened. They are just a person". I'm not saying I wouldn't jump at the chance to meet a celebrity should they walk my way. I just don't seek it out.

And then there's Glennon.

I'm not sure what the deal is. I tried to explain it to Seth, and I couldn't. I actually felt ridiculous trying to make sense of it to him. At the end of the day, all I can say is that she has been an immense inspiration for me. As a mother, as a writer, as a woman...I am just overwhelmed with the feeling that she has started something that will change the way women treat each other. Momastery is something I am so proud of and I don't even know her.

I went to her book signing last night for Carry On Warrior with a few friends. I was nervous that she would be hard to relate to in person. I was afraid all of this big stuff happening to her had effected her in that getting some fame kind of way. What actually happened is that I became even more impressed by her ability to move a person and on the "interwebs" as she calls them.

All of this is well and good and lovely. Unfortunately, when I actually met her and hugged her and watched her sign my book I didn't say a word. I started crying and then just sort of stood there like a nervous child.

These days I am like a bomb of tears about to explode. It's just what it is. The problem is, once the flood gates open I seriously can't get control quickly. There are no two or three tears and then I'm done. It becomes a heaving, trying to catch my breath, ugly cry every time sort of problem. There is a small window where I can catch myself and not truly let the bomb go off. But, I can't talk to anyone about anything or there's no chance of stopping it. So, I hugged her and tried to suck it all in and then walked away. She knows though. She knows that things can be hard and sometimes the words are too hard to say as well. I didn't have to explain.

This week's shout outs go to...

...Josie and Kim for going with me to the book signing...and for always being so supportive of my little blog. I wouldn't have even known Glennon was coming to Atlanta if it wasn't for Josie. Also, as I walked away after meeting Glennon and Kim took her turn, I think I heard Kim say, "I'm just so glad Jana got to meet you". Big hugs to you girls for the love and support.

...Seth for doing my super glamorous second job for me even though he then had to drive to Savannah. He may not have understood my desire to meet her, but he understood it was important to me and that's all that matters.

...Glennon for keeping it real and really making a difference.


  1. I'm so happy you were there. Tears and all, just so happy you were there. It's women like these who give you what you need, even when you don't know you need it.

  2. me too... all around... me too! love wins!

  3. me too... all around... me too! love wins!

  4. Oh, Jana. I love that you shared a real raw moment with Glennon. You are probably not the first or last woman to do this. I'm just glad you got to go and meet her, its okay that Seth doesn't get it. He doesn't have to.


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