Monday, May 13, 2013

New parents, you've been warned.

These days I try really hard to take advantage of the times where I can go somewhere without my kids. That may sound terrible, but it's the truth. With Seth out of town a lot for work this time of year I have to grab hold of the option to do things alone. This includes mundane things like going to the grocery store.

We had a very busy Saturday. By the time six o'clock hit we had no plan for dinner. When that happens we usually feed the girls, get them to bed, and grill out just the two of us. We got a nutritious meal of grilled cheese and fruit going, and I headed to the store like I was going to a party. I was downright giddy to go alone and just walk around the store. I hate grocery shopping, but I have a fierce appreciation for doing it solo. Plus, I was only going for a few things.

I knew that Seth would feed them, give them a bath, and almost have them in bed by the time I got home. I'm not going to lie...I took my time.

Recharged I headed home crossing my fingers that my job for the day was done. I saw a glass of wine and a dinner completely made by Seth in my future. It looked glorious.

I walked in the door and heard the familiar sounds of little girls laughing mixed with Seth trying really hard to get them to listen to him. I headed toward the bedroom half of the house and realized they were in our bedroom and Seth was getting them out of the shower. I think I said something like, "why did they take a shower and not a bath?". Seth responded with something like, "this is bath round two".

This is my gift to you on this Monday after Mother's Day. Just know that Evie is in the phase where she sometimes doesn't appreciate being video taped or photographed if it seems to interrupt her story. Also know that I take a slight amount of pleasure in the fact that this happened while I was enjoying being gone for an hour...okay, it may be more than slight.

Anyway, if you have a weak stomach maybe just don't watch. You've been warned.


LILA IS FOUR TODAY. Holy crap. That's all I can think of to say about that. When I process that I now have a two year old and a four year old for real, I will create a post about it.


  1. AWESOME! It hasn't happened to us yet, but I know that it will someday. Hope you eventually got your glass of wine and dinner. :)

  2. Favorite part of the video is Lila: "Daddy will clean up the bathtub!" -- ha!

  3. "Daddy will clean it up" - love it!

  4. LOL!!! I'm dying! This has happened to us quite a few times!

  5. I absolutely canNOT get enough of this video. I just made a coworker watch it too...I did preface it with "it involves poop". And she still wanted to see it! LOL


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