Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Holla Hump Day

I need to start by saying that this has been a very. long. week. The early morning swim lessons are taking a tole and the whole Burrow family is exhausted. But, there are always people to thank for a job well done.

This week's shout outs go to...

...Lila's teachers. I know what the end of the year brings for a teacher. It's a difficult time of year to say the least. I went to Lila's class on Tuesday to celebrate her birthday with cupcakes. She happens to share a birthday with another child in her class. Therefore, his birthday was celebrated on Monday and her's was celebrated on Tuesday. I also went to her class today for "muffins with Mom". The teachers all have this glassy eyed look like summer is so close yet so far away. I tried to convey that I felt their pain, but I'm sure hearing it from a stay at home mom isn't really giving them much comfort. Bravo to preschool teachers across the country. I'm pretty sure I could never do your job. girls. They have been such rockstars with the swimming lessons. They are so proud and yet so tired on a daily basis. I know the benefits of seeing the lessons through. I also know that it's a long road and a lot of hard work. I am so proud of them for not only being good students, but also for trying to teach the new waterproof baby doll to swim. Now if they could only share the baby doll without the hysterics over having to share her I would feel a lot better. Note to self: buy another waterproof baby doll.

...Seth. It takes a certain kind of man to receive the kinds of text messages my husband has been getting this week. I'm pretty sure he thinks I have gone off the deep end. In my defense, I haven't seen him much, and I am dealing with two sleep deprived children. Regardless, he takes what I text with a grain of salt and knows that I haven't actually locked myself in a bedroom until one or both stop whining. I really haven't. I won't say I haven't considered it. But, I do leave the room and then try to navigate the sleepy girls to the best of my ability. You do what you have to do.

...those of you who contributed to the "Aren't You Lovely" photo op challenges for the past few weeks. This week was the first one where I only got one photo. For now I am going to curb that idea until I can find a better way to bring it to life. Keep being in your own pictures. In fact, I challenge you to get your kids to take your picture. Even if your child is little and only gets your ear or your rear end. Foster that love of having mommy in the photo. You won't regret it.

...anyone else that may have gotten a text from me this week that was clearly an "at the end of her rope" kind of text. I just needed to vent and now I'm good. I appreciate you virtually being at my side even though I may have sounded like I needed to be medicated. That's the beauty of texting, right? You can be passive and crazy and your true friends will know you are just having a bad day. At least I hope they know.

Happy hump day!

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  1. It's been a week for me too! SO MUCH WHINING! One can only deal with it for so long.


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