Friday, April 12, 2013

Photo Op Challenge


First, thanks so much. Really. It can be tough sometimes to take credit for your own awesomeness and photograph yourself. Much love.

Take a look at these lovely people being all proud of themselves. I just love it. Keep scrolling for an addition to the challenge for next week!

SO, if you haven't joined in feel free to send me a picture whenever you want. The next set will be posted a week from today! For future pictures I challenge those who have and haven't submitted pictures to take a new one. Make it something that becomes a consistent part of your week. That's been a personal goal for me in the past few weeks and it's been so much fun. Plus, like I said, my girls think it's comical to have "picture time" with mommy. 

In addition to consistently being in your own pictures, I challenge you to snap a photo with someone you believe is lovely. I'm thinking along the lines of the third picture above. For instance, I spend a lot of time with the other stay at home moms on my street. We randomly take pictures of the kids, but never of each other or any of the moms together. I'm picturing me, a neighbor mom, and mayhem in the background if you need a visual. I also go to a monthly girls potluck dinner. We've been doing this for so long, but we never take pictures. Why is it that we photograph the crap out of our kids but not our best friends? At first it may seem a little vain. But it shouldn't. We have cameras at our fingertips these days. Take advantage! Hug a friend and take a picture. Sneak up on lovely friends at a girls night and take a picture (and then get permission from them to send it to me!). Photo bomb. Be present and document it! Ok, jumping off the soap box now. 

Happy picture taking!

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