Thursday, April 18, 2013

Oh Evie

Evie doesn't say much in a crowd. She doesn't say much around people she doesn't see every day. Really, she doesn't say much around people she does see every day that aren't in our family. I'm pretty sure people are beginning to think I made up the fact that she has mad conversation skills. It doesn't matter though. I appreciate her choice to keep her high level of chatting ability to herself. 

However, there are times where we are in a situation where she says something and the other people around us sort of give me a funny look. It comes across in a way that makes me think they didn't know she could talk. 

For instance, this morning at her swim lesson things got all out of order. It's a long story, but when this happens at these lessons it's an adjustment for everyone. Evie already had her swim diaper on when the order got switched, but we were good with it. That is until she peed all over me. The woman sitting next to me whom I've never met said reassuring things like, "I hate it when that happens!". Evie walked, legs spread, to the bathroom where she did her usual sit on the potty but don't pee in it. I knew she wasn't done, but we went about our business of getting the lesson done anyway.

Evie has been very vocal with us about these lessons. She is the first one to pump herself up. She gets a little nervous right before getting in the pool, but then she's good to go. Sometimes at random points in the day I will hear her mumble, "I a good swimmer" which is usually followed by "I a big girl". I am very appreciative of her confidence level with this because these lessons are hard for me at times. 

Anyway, it eventually becomes our turn and Evie is grumbling about the pee pee on her swim diaper (cloth ones, not disposable). She gets in the pool, does the lesson like a CHAMP, and then Ms. Gena (whom she calls JANA) lifts her up onto her towels to rest. Evie's not a rester. She never has been. She's too interested in the other kid's lessons to just lay on a towel and give herself a minute. So, she promptly stands up and starts changing. These lessons are held in an indoor pool located in a hotel near Perimeter mall. At any given time there could be two to four families on deck. Evie turns to the pool and the rest of the deck and yells, "I PEE IN THAT SWIM" with a massive smile on her face. In case you aren't sure, for some reason swim = pool. 

So now they know she can talk. Of course, I would have preferred her usual singing of the ABC's or her dissertation on taking care of a baby doll. But, as they say, beggers can't be choosers. 


  1. Hilarious. She has such a sweet little voice and I love hearing that she gives herself little pep talks!

  2. I am cracking up! What do you even say after that?
    Ella seems to be a natural introvert and she's slow to warm up to strangers or even people she hasn't seen in a while. I always sort of feel bad when she cries because she doesn't want he uncle to hold her when we first go to their house. Do you feel like you have to apologize for Evie's quietness? Or how else do you deal with it/

  3. Meghan, I just laughed it off! And, everyone else laughed too so it was just a funny moment. As far as warming up, I tell people (at least new people) that she takes a little while to get adjusted to new people and situations. If it's someone she sees more frequently it can be tricky. You don't want to draw attention to it, but you don't want to act like you don't notice either. Lila was tough at this age too as far as not wanting to be held by certain people. I think it was just an age thing for her though because she's never really been slow to warm up. Honestly, it's a per situation thing for me! I feel like the more you just roll with it and are open to helping the other person find a common ground then the better it goes. With Evie, if you try to make her laugh she usually becomes your friend rather quickly. Maybe she and the uncle just need to find something that works for her. Hope that helps!


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