Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Holla Hump Day

This week's shout outs go to... yard sale crew. Those who plan to sell with me and those who gave me a bunch of stuff to sell (my mom and Seth's mom).  The sale is this Saturday and I think Lila may have a career as a salesperson. She is super pumped. I'm thinking of making lemonade and cookies and having her sell those. But, that means I would have to be even more on top of things than I am already trying to be! If you show up and see lemonade and cookies pat me on the back, would ya?

...this guy named Ryan. He's an old friend and now more of a Facebook friend, but he posted that Dove video that I then posted here. I have serious love for men who not only post things like that, but quite obviously try very hard to lift up the women in their lives. Bravo to you sir. babysitter, Aubrey. If she ever decides to move we are screwed. It's not like we go out all the time either. Seth goes out of town for work, I find out the day before, I call Aubrey so I can go do my super glamorous second job, and she shows up! It sounds so mundane, but it really is magical for me.

...Paige for inviting us to the zoo last week! It was spring break for my girls and the three of us needed to get out of the house. Lila has been dealing with some nasty allergies. So, we didn't go out much the whole week because of the pollen take over of the state of Georgia. But, we went to the zoo mid week because I knew there had to be a break in playing hide and seek. Seriously, we were simply out of places to hide.

...Kim who is often my on call pharmacist. Lila spent the better part of Friday night coughing like crazy. Of course, mother of the year over here didn't take her to the doctor during the week. I don't really want to medicate her yet for allergies. But, when my home remedy for coughing didn't work right away I began to regret that decision. I called Kim about an inhaler we had for Evie at one point and she talked me through it. Turns out, the home remedy did work. I was just too impatient. In my defense, so was she. She woke up and emphatically told me she had the flu. Then she told me the cough was making her so mad and being mad and coughing were both making her not go to sleep. Then she started crying. Then she passed out and never coughed again the rest of the night. Add "attempting to be the doctor" to the list of motherly duties I should probably leave to the professionals.

Happy middle of the week! If you are up for it, send me your pictures for Friday. Find someone who's lovely and snap a quick buddy selfie. Or, if you have kids make them take your picture. Those are the best.


  1. thanks Jana! so glad she got better without any meds!

  2. My holla hump day goes out to you!! Thanks so much for being such a generous friend!


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