Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Better late?

In my life before husband and kids I was so much more on top of things. Everything was consistently in order. I did things like go to the dentist every six months, give blood on the regular, and balance my checkbook. Now, I feel reeeeaaaalllyyy good about myself if I get the kids to school on time with all of their clothes on and their lunch is actually inside their backpack. We are talking about preschool here people. It's not that hard.

One thing I still aim for is punctuality. I hate to be late. HATE TO BE LATE.

One would wonder how Seth and I work. Seth is the opposite of on time. Since marrying me he has stepped up his game in this department. But, he is still usually late to some degree.

One thing I know about marriage is that I know who I married. Nowhere in my brain did a little voice tell me that if I married him he would suddenly be on time. As I've said before, that kind of expectation benefits no one. I spent a great deal of our dating years waiting for him to get to my house and pick me up. Therefore, it's been no surprise that I still wait and look out the window and grumble a little. It doesn't matter though. I would wait for him forever.

For the record, he puts up with me in the morning. Pretty sure we are even.

Anyway, I am explaining all of this to now discuss Lila's ballet recital.

Usually I get over it if we are late. I get irritated and distressed, but I come around. The afternoon of Lila's ballet recital went from grumbly, to super angry, to kind of funny. Kind of.

The babysitter for Evie gets here at five. I texted Seth at a quarter past four and said, "you are going to be here AT FIVE right?". Of course he says yes. Five fifteen rolls around and we frantically get in the car leaving the tutu, tap shoes, and ballet shoes on the counter. Therefore, it's pushing five thirty when we get onto the highway with everything we need and Lila is supposed to be there in ten minutes.  The recital was scheduled to start at six. It was rush hour and we had to get to the depths of Buckhead. Pretty sure I texted everyone that was going and said we weren't going to make it only to realize they were already there.

Mind you, there was a strong possibility that Lila wasn't even going to participate. She hadn't been an active part of the class for a month yet insisted on doing the recital. While sitting in traffic I told myself it didn't matter if we didn't make it. Except that my beautiful ballerina was sitting all done up in her carseat grinning from ear to ear.

As it turns out, we got there after six. But it didn't matter. She was in the fifth group to perform and it suddenly felt like we hadn't missed a beat. In the panic to park in the most over used elementary school in Atlanta, we left the big camera in the car. Hence, the picture at the top of the post. That's truly the only decent phone picture I have. That is her plie plus a really silly face! It's a good thing there will be other occasions to get good pictures at events like this. At any rate, that little blondie bun on her head and the look of pride that she danced on the stage are forever etched in my brain.


  1. This made me tear up because I can't believe how old Lila is! And I agree you and Seth are probably equal when it comes to his lack of punctuality and your morning cheerfulness 😘

  2. Have you ever woken up next to a Grizzly bear coming out of hibernation? Welcome to my world. Every. Single. Day. And for the record, my punctuality has gotten light years better in our years together. Love ya!


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