Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Let's start small shall we?

I should be going to bed. I keep feeling the blogging urge. However, for whatever reason all of my blogging thoughts are in a jumble. There are things I am working on. BIG things. No, I am not making a baby. That is not one of the things. Because that would just be crazy town at this particular moment.

The big things are far reaching, distant dreams. Do you have any of those? Can you see yourself experiencing the success of a dream? I had a daydream about that very thing. I daydreamed about my dream coming true and what that would feel like. I used to daydream about my babies being born. It's a zillion times better in real life. Fingers crossed someday this will be too.

Until then, here we are. You waiting to see what I could possibly blog about after the last post. Me waiting to see if what I blog about is ever going to fill the void a little. Let's give it a go...starting small of course.

Lila still wears pull ups to bed. I fear she may go to Kindergarten doing this. But, it's a habit. Like all habits it will be hard to shake. Last night she woke up because the pull up had leaked. She was very upset about this. After all the sheet changing and pajama changing we were both wide awake. She was upset that I was telling her she had to go back to bed.

Anyway, today we were sitting on the couch while Evie was napping and I asked her if she was tired. She said that she was because she didn't get good sleeps. She told me that her "eyes had drips" and that she couldn't go back to sleep last night. I tried to explain that the drips were called tears, but she wasn't having it. It's so brilliant how the mind of a little kid works. Of course they should be called drips right?

In my daydream my eyes were dripping and Lila made me think of it during this little conversation on the couch. She doesn't understand crying because you are happy yet. Here's to hoping that she gets to see that kind of crying from mommy instead of the other kind in the not too distant future.

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