Friday, August 24, 2012


We have done some serious moving and shaking this week. Hence the lag in blogging. Plus, I haven't been staying up late blogging. I had dreams of doing it in the morning when I get up before the girls, but it appears I am more inspired (and with it) at night. I'll work it out though.

Anyway, here's what we've been up to. This beautiful weather has been such a nice change. It's still getting hot, but not miserable. Now if only the mosquitos would take a hike.

The big news of the week is that Lila is riding her big bike! Mom and Sara got Lila a bike with training wheels for her birthday. It's probably a size up from what she should be riding. However, her super long legs and rate of growth really didn't justify getting the littler bike only to get the next size sooner than later. Since May the bike has been in our car port. She would randomly get on it, freak out, and not touch it for weeks. Then my brilliant neighbor mentioned maybe lowering the training wheels to curb the wobble. I guess I thought all along that they were as low as they would go. Yesterday it became clear they were not. I lowered them, she got on, and proceeded to spend hours riding almost immediately. While I am proud I can't say that I didn't tear up when she really got going and screamed about how good she was at riding a bike.

Alright, sorry for the video heavy post. Enjoy!

This is the cutest thing that's ever happened. Really, I mean EVER.

This is my $1 garage sale find. We need to work on the logistics of a puppet show, but for now it's a good laugh!

Speaking of a good laugh...this is hysterical to me! Evie riding an "ATV" like a champ...

And here's the amazing bike riding. YAY LILA!!!

I'm off to the lake this weekend folks. YAY MOMMY! Ya'll have a good one ;-)

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  1. I agree! That video of Lila and Evie reading is the cutest ever! What a great role model Evie has!


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