Friday, August 17, 2012


Once you have a child and get to know them there are things you feel you can usually be sure of. I can be sure that Lila will react rather emotionally about most things. I can be sure that Evie will laugh if I chase her. I can be sure that Lila loves anything that is pink or purple. I am really sure that Evie is a light sleeper.

However, kids are unpredictable.

Since the day Evie was born I have tried to figure out what helps her sleep better. If something wakes her she can be very hard to get back to sleep. Therefore, once she is asleep I avoid her like the plague. I could have left my keys, phone, etc. in her room and I will not go in there until she is awake.

Due to the light sleeping and the size of our house we use sound machines in the kid's rooms. I don't know how much sound blocking they do, but I feel like they are effective.

Evie's sound machine is the one we first got with Lila. It's old and can be pretty temperamental. We should get a new one. Anyway, last night the power went out of and on in the middle of the night. At some point it became clear to me that Evie's sound machine had defaulted to birds chirping when the power came back on.

My very light sleeper baby slept for HOURS listening to birds chirp. And this isn't like your sweet little bird you want to cuddle. See, we usually set the thing for waterfall which just sounds like static. Plus, we usually turn it up kind of loud on that setting. That means this bird chirping I'm referring to is the kind of bird you want to hunt down when it wakes you. I know this because that is the only reason I am awake right now. I went to girls dinner last night and stayed up too late watching Suits when I got home. I told myself today was a sleep in a little bit day. The fake birds decided otherwise.

But, do you know who is still asleep listening to said birds? My sweet little Evie. Go figure.

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