Wednesday, August 15, 2012


What you read when you come to this blog is essentially what's on my brain.

Now you get to see my brain at 6 am.

This week was a turning over a new leaf week. You know, eat all the crap you want over the weekend so that you can start fresh on Monday kind of a week? I can't even begin to count how many times I've done that. At some point it has got to stick right?

One of my goals for this new leaf turning is to wake up before my kids every day. This, in turn, means going to bed earlier. One might say, "Jana, this is your only job (sort of)...why on Earth can't this be an easy accomplishment?". Well, it's not. I am not a morning person and will never be. I am the definition of a night owl. I believe you can make positive changes to yourself, but at your core you are what you are. Plus, the inconsistency of sleep begs my brain to think I need every possible minute of it I can get.

For instance, I went to bed before 11pm last night. Lila is sick and sort of called out a couple of times but then went right back to sleep. Mind you, I am also a very light sleeper. So these little yelps woke me. Inconsistency. Then, around some late hour like 1 am she apparently had some awful dream. She was talking about swimming or something and I can't really be sure what happened because we were both so half asleep.

And here's the difficulty of blogging in the AM. We have a visitor....

Does it look like she slept much?

Anyway, needless to say I ended up in the bed with Lila until she went back to sleep. This took an awfully long time. She just couldn't seem to settle which means I spent over an hour dozing. Dozing is not to be confused with sleeping. Any parent who rocks the baby and tries to "sleep" in the chair can tell you that.

I eventually got back in my bed and when the alarm went off at 6am I had a serious conversation with myself. I pro'd and con'd the getting up early in a weak attempt to stay asleep. I seem to go back to the same thought every time. If I get up now or get up later I'm still going to be really sleep today. Might as well just get up.

I had a lot more to say today, but I hear the littlest Burrow stirring now too. Maybe you'll get lucky and get a double dose today. WAIT! It's Holla Hump Day. Therefore,  you will for sure see me later.

Lila wanted to type her name here. A special treat! You get a goodbye "signature" from both of us!


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  1. You are so right about trying to sleep with a child. When EV was sick the other night I laid on the couch with him. Eric said that I was sleeping, but that was definitely not real sleep!


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