Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Holla Hump Day + an update

This week's shout outs go to... family at the lake last weekend. First and foremost to Laura and her family for hosting us in their lake house. We had the best time! To everyone else, thank you for not making me feel like a chicken with it's head cut off. I know that's how I looked and I appreciate you just going with it.

...the lady at Trader Joe's who tried to help me find some obscure items while both of my girls did everything they could to distract her. Okay, so maybe they were only distracting me. Regardless, she stood strong and got me what I needed. friends for overlooking my inability to interact with adults sometimes. I feel like I stand in a stupor when I'm around adults without my children. It's like I forget how to just talk instead of trying to manage someone while talking. Must work on this!

Update on the Burrow Girls:

Lila LOVES the movie Tangled. Seth's mom went on the hunt for all possible Disney princess movies for Lila's birthday. Unfortunately, some are very hard to come by. Tangled was really the only princess movie that we have found and Lila can pretty much recite whole sections of the movie. It's especially funny to hear her talk like Mother Gothel. She will randomly say, "you are never leaving this tower! EVER!". Quite dramatic.
She also recently loves when Evie follows her around. Before she just kind of tolerated it. Now I think she has realized that Evie is obsessed with her. She talks to Evie like I talk to Evie. She calls her baby and tells her it's going to be okay if Evie gets upset. LOVE THIS.
Today I officially moved almost all of Lila's clothes to areas within her reach. She has always been very picky about what she wears and has always pretty much picked for herself with my help. For a long time I tried to be a little too controlling of this. Today I decided I need to let go a little. I put outfits that go together in one drawer, shirts/shorts in another, and all of her dresses are still hanging in the closet (for lack of anywhere else to put them). We discussed it and then she chose what to wear. Her choice included shorts with flowers and butterflies and a shirt with butterflies. Completely mismatched but in her mind they matched because of the butterflies. She tells me at least once a day that she loves butterflies. LOVE THIS.
Lastly, I'm so enjoying this age because she is so enthralled with so many things. She doesn't do something for just a few minutes anymore. She really immerses herself in what she's doing and takes her time. I love to eavesdrop on her while she is taking her dolls to the park (or the den). I love to hear what she's saying to Evie when she thinks I'm not listening. I love how she will spend an hour doing one big puzzle and the determination she shows.

Evie has a lot of new words. Well, chances are she has had some of these words for a little while and I haven't made note of them. So here's the comprehensive list...

Ma eee - Molly (she's says it so similarly to the way Lila used to say it)
go - also directed at Molly or at me when she wants me to push her in the wagon, run after her, or move in general
some/too - Both used to either get food or do the same thing Lila is doing.
toe - She LOVES her feet
shoe - She LOVES shoes. About eighty times a day she brings me shoes to put on her. I say, "sit down" and she plops down with a foot in the air. LOVE THIS. It's especially fun when the shoe is not her's and obviously does not fit. She gets very mad when they don't stay on!
cup - She says this over and over until someone gets her something to drink.
K - This is a new one that means milk. She just says the K part if she wants milk instead of saying cup.
mommy, daddy, ya ya - She yells mommy when she wants to get out of the bed or is mad, she says daddy when he gets home, and she says ya ya all the time because she's obsessed with her.
side - This is for outside which she simply cannot get enough of.
ook - Book. Sometimes she just says the K part again.
ball - She loves to throw a ball and then chase it! I feel bad, but playing fetch with her is so much fun.
poop - She says it so softly and in sort of a sneaky way that makes me laugh.
Hi - She literally says hi to everyone!
tank too - Thank you :-)

Other than words, Evie has all the blessings of being the second child. If it were up to her she would probably start using the potty soon. She "brushes" her teeth and washes her hands with Lila which is too stinking cute. Overall, if Lila's doing it Evie wants to be right there with her.

Evie also loves to be chased. In fact, if I say no to something she is doing she will do it again or run off just so you will come get her to make her stop. She just laughs and laughs as you run after her. This is probably not the best thing because I find it to be beyond adorable so I give in and chase her. She then giggles like crazy and I forget that I was trying to stop her from doing something.

Alright, I'm off to bed! Thanks to those who found yesterday's post humorous. I appreciate that I can provide some comic relief now and then ;-)

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