Thursday, June 14, 2012

Today was better than yesterday...

...because Evie rediscovered Albie (abnormally large bear) and had a twenty minute cuddle fest with him.

...because I created the perfect chore chart for Lila and she LOVES it.

...because I have the best friends in the world who commented and sent me emails about my funk. HUGS.

...because for the first time today I feel like the third year of organic vegetable gardening is actually working.

...because Lila and I got to spend some much needed one on one time together at her music class (thank you Katie!).

...because the Fooducate app just made my life way easier (thank you Crystal!).

...because writing that post last night gave me the chance to wake up today and start fresh. I feel like something is coming. More than that, I feel like if it doesn't or it takes a long time I can let go of the funk when I'm ready and be better at my current most important job.

...because Seth is home and the weekend is coming.

Have a great weekend.

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