Sunday, March 11, 2012

Best one yet

Before I get into our fantastic activity today, I have to say thank you to those of you who commented and/or messaged me somehow about my previous post. I got some really great suggestions and ideas which makes me wish I had said something earlier! I have decided to try out Nature's Garden Delivered . In fact, my first box comes on Tuesday. I chose this route due to two recommendations and, after further research, it fit my style better than other CSA's I have read about. Plus, they bring it to me! I even added one meat and two dairy items to my box. They don't have a big selection of meat and dairy so I'm going to see how that goes. My list for the grocery store is now very small and more than manageable. I'm very excited and will keep you posted.

Ok, I have been thinking about doing this pin for a while. The funny thing is, it's not actually on my "to do right now" pin board. I thought I had put it there, but it seems it's still under kid stuff. Regardless, I completed a pin. That's the goal! My dad came to visit last weekend and he brought Lila a set of fairy figurines. He actually purchased it when we were at Disney with him for the marathon. Once she had those I knew it was time.

Lila currently has two favorite movies. One of them is called Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue. To be quite honest, I have no idea how I chose this movie. It's on our Ipad. I remember buying it because Lila has always been drawn to Tinker Bell on things she has seen (hand me down pajamas specifically). It's a really cute movie if you haven't seen it :-) Anyway, she is obsessed with everything fairy related. When I saw this pin I knew we had to get it done. Here's the link for the website that created this.

Awesome right??? It took me a couple of weeks to wrap my brain around this one. I wanted to spend as little money as possible. I wanted to use things we had as much as possible. As it turns out I spent $6. Here's the run down:

- soil - $3.50
- two small plants - $2.50
- large container - the container we used actually used to hold ice and beer when we would have people over...ah, how times have changed
- assortment of stones and marbles - I already had a big bag of this stuff from planters and such. I made the table and chairs out of the stones and marbles using a hot glue gun as suggested on the website. Super easy!
- potpourri - I also had a bag of fallish potpourri that had some spiraly thing that looked like a tree. There were other random items that fit perfectly.
- ceramic containers - Both containers I just had somewhere in my house.
- signs - At Christmas I bought a set of very small alphabet stamps for a few dollars at Michael's. My goal was to make salt dough ornaments. Those turned out horribly. These little signs are just adorable!
- ceramic "beds" - This was a complete lucky find. We have a Primo grill (Big Green Egg family) and these little things came with it for some reason. They have just been on our deck taking up space.
- glass dish - Swimming pool!

We started off the day painting rocks. She got bored with that quickly and just started organizing them while I made the table and chairs and stamped the signs. She was VERY excited about the table and chairs. I kept telling her we were making her fairy garden, but I'm sure she had no idea what I was talking about. She kept telling me the fairies were coming to see her.

Here is the finished product! I really wanted moss but the crappy Home Depot in Tucker doesn't carry it. For now we will just have soil. I have a feeling that I enjoyed doing this more than she did. She was freaking adorable playing with it though.

The whole garden (before we expanded).

Lila decided this would be a bedroom. As you can see, Tinker Bell barely fits. This is actually one of those things where you put the tea candle in the bottom and it melts the wax on top to make your house smell good. Do those things have a name?

This is hysterical to me. These ladies are living it up! All they need is a margarita.

Lila made the biggest "room" available into the kitchen.


Here's the video that includes the expansion. So glad we did this!


  1. i think i want a fairy garden!

  2. What a cute idea. Since I don’t use Pinterest I heavily rely on great ideas I see on other Mommy blogs, so thank you for posting!

  3. So cute!! This would be a great present for a little girl. Kathryn would love making something like this.


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