Monday, January 2, 2012

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program...

I said I wasn't doing resolutions. But this crazy thing happened. In the past 24 hours I have been making them in my head randomly and really feeling motivated about them. They aren't typical for me. And there aren't that many of them. Why not give them a go right?

1) Go to bed earlier. I am a serious night owl. It would stand to reason that Lila gets this from me! I guess I struggle with having "me time" and letting my mind decompress after chasing after my kids all day. But, lately I feel like getting up in the morning is getting harder and harder and the days are feeling longer. The goal to start is going to bed by ten three nights a week.

2) Send one piece of personal mail...actual mail...every day of 2012 (except today and yesterday). I did some organizing today and came upon my stash of greeting cards. Would you believe I have two birthday cards for my mom? Her birthday is February third but I can't even tell you when I bought these cards. Not recently for sure! All of these cards I have hoarded, along with the random assortment of stationery I have, prompted this goal. I love getting real mail. Christmas is the only time I religiously check the mail instead of Seth doing it because I know there is a chance of getting Christmas cards. Anyway, I have all of these cards in a box all sorted out. The idea is to pick a card every night, pick who I want to send it to, and mail it the next day.

3) Join the 365 project. I just joined actually. I still need to read through the website or whatever. Really I just want to attempt to take a picture every day that takes more effort than whipping out my phone. Joining the 365 project will maybe/hopefully hold me accountable. I want to educate myself more about how to use my camera too. But, it will be the 363 project for me because I'm starting tomorrow! Stay tuned.

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