Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Interrupting again!

I can't believe in my list of upcoming posts I left out our trip to Orlando for Seth's marathon...which we leave for tomorrow!!!

It's safe to say that we didn't think this trip out or plan it very well at all. We were like, it's Disney! Of course the whole family should go. Of course it will be magical and glorious. And, even if the whole family was going it would have been those things. But, Evie will be staying behind.

I have very mixed feelings about this. This is the first situation where having two kids has put me on a major back and forth roller coaster. We will be gone from Thursday to Monday which is a long time to be away from your baby. Granted, we went to GA/FL back in October for three days and survived it. I'm not so worried that she will be upset. I'm more sad she won't be a part of this little adventure. Which I decided was a silly reason to take her.

Therefore, we weighed the pros and cons. It became obvious quickly that having Evie stay here would be better than taking her. Apparently the Disney marathon is a massive and very popular one to run. Orlando becomes flooded with people and driving places would be tough. Shuttles are the transportation of choice. Well, Seth will be doing the running and won't be able to shuttle all over the place with me all the time. That leaves me shuttling with two very small kids. This pretty much sounds like a nightmare. Not to mention, Evie does well to sleep in a room in our house with the door closed and a very loud sound machine going. I would imagine that none of us would get any sleep if all of us were trying to do it in the same room. AND, there is the pro of the one on one time. Lila has had so little one on one time with us since Evie was born. We try to do it when we can, but it happens sporadically and for short periods of time. The thought of taking her to Disney, just her, makes me smile. AND, Evie get to have one on one time with both grandmothers which has never happened.

Of course, the mommy guilt is still lingering in my head. She won't remember any of this (and chances are good Lila won't either). But I still feel like Evie is being cheated out of a trip with her family. At any rate, I am very excited to go and even more proud of Seth for this commitment he's made. I can't wait to cheer him on without feeling stressed out and overwhelmed doing it! Wish him luck!

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