Sunday, April 17, 2011


I don't know about you, but there is now a void on Sunday nights. Maybe for you it's a void on Monday mornings. We looked forward to the name game even though it could be tough. Sunday nights for us brought about discussion and deliberation in a consistent and entertaining way. Therefore, here I sit trying to come up with a way to fill the void....and, I got nothin. Suggestions?

Until I figure it out I am going to just fill you in on our lives in a random outline. Remember outlines? I remember them from writing in high school. Does anyone use them beyond that? This girl is about to....

I. The latest and greatest that is Lila
    a. Getting dressed has become a daily test of my patience and her endurance. She spent the night at
        Seth's mom's house a few weeks ago and came home the next day in her pajamas. She spent the
        night at my mom's last night and came home this morning in her pajamas. You would think we are
        asking her to put something on her body that will go up in flames at any moment.  I know it's a
        control thing. I also know that while it would totally ROCK we will not be going places in our
        pajamas. This is obviously a work in progress.
    b. Going outside may as well be the same as going to Disney World. She walks around and talks with
        such enthusiasm and excitement. She identifies everything with some garbled Lila speak in between
        each identification. It goes something like "leaves wlekrjwlehraklhweklrwe garden wlkerlkw mail
        alskdfakljdkl car wlekrjwlkejrl walk wlekjrelkjr trees lwkejrlkej" and so on. Now if I could just get
        her to understand that going outside can happen much faster if we just put on clothes...
    c. More on this later, but we have been working on Lila's big girl room. She has been sleeping in the
        "new" room for about a week in a pack and play. She seems totally fine with the change. We know
        she isn't ready for the big girl bed, but at least she is starting to feel like the room belongs to her!

II. This weekend we lost my almost 102 year old great grandmother Mable Stevenson...aka Maw Maw. My mom was actually supposed to take Lila to Americus on Saturday to go to Maw Maw's birthday party. Instead, Lila stayed here today and mom, Sara, and I went to Americus for the funeral. Even though it was a day trip, I felt like it was a treat to spend the day with my sister, my mom, and my extended family that I don't see as much as I would like to. Plus, we were able to honor a magnificent woman who lived a long, full life. We will miss you Maw Maw.
These two were almost exactly 100 years apart in age.

III. Note to baby Burrow #2
I'm ready for you. I'm excited about you and madly in love with you already, but I need my body back. I need to eat and not feel like I may be miserable for the rest of the day. I need to run and actively play with your silly big sister. I need to feel capable and comfortable again. However, I also need for you to be ready to join the world. I just felt it couldn't hurt to mention that I'm ready when you are.


  1. Don't worry about the pajamas! I used to feel that way with Kathryn and by the time Matthew came along, I became one of "those moms" that let their kid play outside in his pajamas :) I hope the next few weeks pass quickly for you! I'm so excited about capturing the arrival on camera :)

  2. Hey Jana! I laughed when you started writing in an outline, b/c that's what I work off of almost every day!! I don't know much (aka anything) about parenting but I think I would have loved it if my mom had let me wear PJs all the time. At least it's not her Halloween costume or just her undies! I'm so sorry to hear about your great grandmother's passing. Though, I think it is pretty awesome that she had such a long life and got to see you grow up and start your own family!


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