Monday, February 28, 2011

Random Assortment

1) I finally posted on my other blog... Desperately Seeking Decor
It's nothing major but it is a start. Now that the ball is rolling hopefully the momentum will build because I have a lot to do! Thank you to those of you who have already taken a look and commented :-)

2) Lila's injury...
Yesterday afternoon we took a family trip to the farmer's market. Lila isn't the best shopper these days so when Seth suggested we all go I was THRILLED. We came home with fresh goodies galore and Seth set out to make dinner. He and Lila went on the deck and not five minutes later came back in. Everything looked normal at first. Then Seth got closer and I saw he was holding her hand and there was what looked like a fat piece of skin no longer attached to the tip of her middle finger. Of course, she was just kind of looking at me stunned. She didn't seem to get upset until Seth tried to wash it. It was kind of like when you get a nasty blister and the skin comes off (gross, I know). Apparently she was on the tricycle and fell over it or something and the handlebars smashed her finger. From the washing part on she was a mess. We have dealt with falls and some scrapes and bumps on the head. Nothing has ever necessitated a small, kid-sized bandaid. Therefore, all we had were gigantic ones that were difficult to put on and take off. Seth got it all situated though. I didn't take pictures of the nastiness that is her finger. I just took these instead. Now she just walks around with her hand in the air! Sorry for the lack of clothing as well. She had yogurt (pretty much the only thing she eats these days) and eating yogurt without a hurt finger is a mess.

3) Video catch up...
There are only two, but I think they are super cute. The first one is just good old fashioned running when two little girls realize it's fun to run. If you can't tell, the second one with the car seat has become quite the "hide and seek" of sorts. I guess this would be the toddler version.

Happy Monday!

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