Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Changing diapers and cleaning toilets

It's 11:30 pm. I got home not too long ago from my glamorous second job of cleaning toilets, talked to my fantastic sister/babysitter for a bit, and now here I sit ready to divulge the inner workings of my day. Are you so excited? Here's a glimpse...

I'm not sure why the baby doll bed was in the bathroom. I'm also not sure what prompted getting into it together. Carson doesn't typically love her personal space to be invaded by Lila. I'm sure Carson wasn't thrilled with Lila trying to make out with her either. However, even though Carson wasn't making a fuss about it I took her out because I was afraid she was unhappy and not letting me know. She promptly got back in. 

The struggle to decode the world of sharing during toddlerhood is still a major part of the day. This morning when Carson got here Lila was wonderful. She wanted Carson to help her do the puzzles and she gave Carson random toys out of the blue. Carson took a nap and woke up to a very different Lila that wanted to take toys from her instead. I know Carson's day will come where sharing is just as hard, but right now she has to deal with little miss Jekyl and Hyde. I can tell Lila wants to do the right thing. She just can't sometimes. While this is all very age appropriate, it's pretty exhausting. I try to physically move Lila when she gets grabby because that along with discussing turn taking and such seems to do the trick. Lord knows this is not something that will get worked out in a matter of days. There's a long road ahead I'm sure. But, hopefully all of this work I'm doing now won't be lost when Carson stops coming to our house two days a week :-)

At any rate, it was so nice outside today. I found myself sitting on the swing on the deck watching Lila "ride" the tricycle like the Flintstones drive cars. Carson was busy moving chairs from one side of the deck to the other. I felt very lucky to be a part of their world. Cleaning toilets may not be what I saw myself doing at thirty one years old. But, if it makes things so that I am able to spend the day watching these little girls figure out life there are no complaints here. 


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