Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The aftermath

With snot dripping down my face and Lila coughing herself to sleep in the background I sit and stare at my now bare and very dead Christmas tree. In an effort to not lay around and indulge my sickness I undecorated my house today. Note to self: next year, undecorate while children are sleeping. Lila did a better job of putting the ornaments back on the tree after I took them off than she did when we were actually decorating it to begin with. She seemed as depressed as I am that Christmas is over...or maybe she just felt like crap. Either way it was a sad, sick, and grumpy day for the ladies in the Burrow home.

BUT, the magic and joy of Christmas still lingers. Of course, in my runny eyed, glazed over, hot mess of an attempt to undecorate I missed some things. My homemade Christmas card wreath and all the cards are still hanging in the kitchen. The playroom Christmasy items are still there because that room was bombed by toys and I couldn't even walk in there. And, Lila is "sleeping" in Christmas footy pajamas.

Beyond those missed items, I am feeling very nostalgic about how wonderful the holiday was for our little family. While both of Lila's Christmas experiences in her short life have been covered in snot, she never lets the natural happiness that is her disappear. It took her a while Christmas morning to understand that there were multiple gifts for her. She opened one and just played with it for a while. We had to convince her to go back and grab another to unwrap. Even after the second or third she still needed some prompting. This was best case scenario in my mind. There will come a day when she wants to blow through the gift opening just to see what everything is without really indulging in each gift. For now, she indulged completely and we loved every minute of it.

No, we did not get her diapers for Christmas...

...we got her this. Which actually, was a hand-me-down from my aunt and cousins. A puzzle made of books...genious!

Indulging :-)

This gift was a pediatrician recommended HIT. It's called the "critter clinic". Little doors to unlock that house little animals complete with veterinarian tools!

Microphones are for eating right?

This little camera is one of those that you click and the picture changes in the viewfinder. She can't quite figure out to look through the hole to see the pictures change. Instead she closes her eyes, puts the camera to her face, and says "cheese"...

...sick face...

...this is what I mean. I spent most of the morning laughing at this! I only wish I had taken a video.

Later in the day Santa realized he forgot to wrap something and put it under the tree. Mommy found it :-)

She isn't completely sure about the tent, but it's now in the playroom filled with toys so we will see what happens.

Christmas night was spent with more family and more gift opening!

Grammy got Lila a ball that bounces and lights up. She loves it if you can't tell!

Lila and Vivi

Grammy also getting a kick out of Lila's picture taking skills.

Uncle Levi showing Lila how to operate her new laptop.

This simply adorable chair from Vivi and the latop from Grammy made the night complete!

I hope you all had as much fun and enjoyment as we did. I also kept thinking today that this time next year we will have a six month old and a two year old. CRAZY!

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