Monday, November 15, 2010


If it appears that I am a little ADD with the blog these days I apologize. Just like everything in my life, I have all of these ideas and schemes that just run rampant in my brain. As a result, this blog is a breeding ground of creativity for me because it's free, easy, and enjoyable. I love reading blogs that have a header that changes but sort of stays the same. My absolute favorite is Nie Nie's blog. At some point I am aiming for that kind of consistency. Until then, the only consistency here will be the changing of Lila's picture when she is a month older. And once I am showing to the point of not just looking chubby, baby Burrow #2 will make an appearance each month as well.

I also wanted to make a quick addition to the words that have been added to Lila's vocabulary. I'm afraid I waited too long to do this because she knows so many now. She repeats almost everything and a large percentage of the time she knows what she is saying. Of course, if you ask her to say something on command she won't. So instead of words, here are just a few quick updates on her in general.

She may be the cuddliest kid ever. She loves to be in your lap. The few nights she slept with us this past week when she was sick she pushed up against me so much I ended up on the very edge of our gigantic bed. When you hold her she rubs and then pats your back almost as if to soothe you. I swear she is a sponge because, of course, that is what I have always done to soothe her.

She finds spinning in circles to be hysterical. What I find to be hysterical is when she attempts to walk when the spinning is over. She still has the wobbly toddler walk without spinning so you can imagine the result.

While everyone says she is like me, she has a very prominent Seth characteristic. She is incredibly repetitive. Buttons on toys get pushed at least fifteen times. Books have to be read over and over again. Spinning and then falling does not mean the spinning stops.

I see a child emerging in Lila and a baby slowly creeping away. It scares me quite a lot actually. I keep praying that even when my belly is big and my lap is full she will find a way to be just as close to me. I hope she never stops patting me on the back or looking in my eyes so intently as she speaks. I hope spinning is always funny and that she always wants to look in the mirror with me as I put on makeup. But most of all I hope she knows that even when this baby comes I will need her just as much as she needs me...if not more.


  1. That brought a little tear to my eye!
    Don't worry, if there's no room in your lap, she can sit in mine!

  2. This made me cry! I can totally understand. Lucas is only 3 months and I'm already sad that he is growing up too fast!


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